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How to improve green building credentials with parcel lockers

According to a study conducted by the World Green Building Council, green buildings provide a substantial boost to energy efficiency when compared to traditional buildings, with estimated utility savings of between 20 to 50 percent. This helps to cut costs, as well as to increase energy efficiency.

However, that is not the only reason behind developers embracing sustainable amenities. In recent years, there has been an increasing demand from consumers for green and sustainable products. With over three-quarters of millennials being of the opinion that sustainability is vital, and that they must make sustainable decisions, builders and developers are having to adapt to ever-changing demands. They can no longer get by with just a standard green building certification – they must think beyond this. In order to remain ahead of the game, builders must invest in resources and services that demonstrate a commitment to the well-being of the environment, and can be seen to be both green and sustainable.

Although there is a general increase in consumer demand for sustainable products, services and practices, this comes at a time when the convenience of having almost anything delivered to our homes has become a routine expectation of our daily lives – and it is difficult to reconcile these two things.

The rise in online shopping – exacerbated by the current climate – results in an increase in the number of deliveries to our homes, both successful and unsuccessful, and usually by a van that is petrol or diesel driven. As such, there are concerns that the environment is suffering as a result of this.

Technology can help to address this issue. Builders and developers can go some way towards embracing sustainability by using electronic parcel lockers.

Parcel lockers help to reduce the environmental damage caused by increased deliveries as they drastically lower the number of failed deliveries. In fact, parcel lockers make failed first deliveries, as well as the resulting re-deliveries, a thing of the past. This greatly benefits the environment as the number of deliveries made is reduced, therefore causing a reduction in the carbon emissions that are produced.

Thus, parcel lockers can help directly reduce the carbon footprints of buildings, while providing residents with increased convenience.

For more information about how parcel lockers can bring benefits to residential settings, click here to download our new white paper.