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Four reasons to Factor Parcel Management into the Planning Stages of a BTR Development

The UK population is ordering more things online to be delivered than ever before with no sign of slowing. However, many build-to-rent operators are quickly realising that their properties do not have the infrastructure or resource to manage the volumes of parcels they are now receiving. For architects, interior designers and developers, it’s important to discuss package management solutions for a new development, right from the planning stage to save a costly headache later on in the project.

Here are four reasons why preparing early is key:

1- Space
Your architect/interior designer will thank you for getting the request in as early on in the planning stage as possible. Space within residential developments comes at a premium. So finding space for a suitable parcel management system after the drawings have been submitted for planning approval immediately limits options, and even more so once building work has begun. Working with your architects and interior designers at the planning stage allows you to build a parcel management system into the structure of the development, which is convenient for the end-users, and is more likely to fit with the design of the building.

2- Cost
Changes to building plans are inevitable with any development project but leaving it until later in the process to factor in parcel management can add unnecessary time and monetary costs to the budget. Our advice is to speak to one of our experts early in the process for a completely free assessment of your buildings parcel management requirements.

3- Health and Safety
One of the most important, non-negotiable factors in a development is how safe it is for the residents. For those responsible for the safety of the building, using fire prevention measures is necessary for all aspects of the building plan. A lack of a suitable parcel management process can cause hazards and risk the health and safety of all residents, onsite staff and visitors. Residents’ parcels may be left piled up in lobby areas, doorsteps, or at a reception area causing obstruction in vital exit routes. Or held on a shelf within a parcel room, with little to no means of containment, should a fire break out.

Quadient smart parcel lockers are steel-based and can be classified as either non-combustible or as very limited contribution, depending on the coating choice. Therefore, implementing a secure parcel management solution can support plans for a safer building. For more information about the fire classification of our lockers, get in contact.

4- Futureproofing
In early 2020, a World Economic Forum report estimated that the demand for last-mile delivery in urban areas will increase by 78 per cent by 2030. Factoring in a scalable, modular system such as Quadient parcel lockers means your development will meet package delivery volumes for years to come.

It’s never too late to think about parcel management solutions, our team of experts are experienced in solution-solving at all stages of a development project. Quadient intelligent parcel lockers can be fitted retrospectively, but getting our team involved to discuss options during the planning stage can help to reduce costs, save space and increase the safety and value of the development.