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Bagging Convenience: Open Network Parcel Lockers Outside Supermarkets and Convenience Stores

In the ever-evolving world of retail, businesses are continually seeking fresh ways to enhance customer satisfaction, promote sustainability, and bolster their communities. One innovation hitting the shelves in recent years is the integration of open-network parcel lockers outside supermarkets and local convenience stores. Let’s explore the benefits these lockers bring.

Aisle Always Open

Open locker parcel lockers outside supermarkets and convenience stores provide a checkout-free shopping experience for customers. These lockers offer a convenient solution for parcel pickup and returns, ensuring that missed deliveries and long queues at service counters are ‘sooo last season’. Shoppers can collect or drop off their packages at their convenience, turning a regular supermarket visit into an efficient and satisfying shopping trip.

If parcel lockers are hosted outside the store where access is not limited even when the store is closed, this provides even more convenience as customers can collect or drop off parcels round the clock.

Green Goals in the Bag

Open network parcel lockers play a crucial role in reducing the carbon footprint associated with last-mile deliveries. Centralised locker locations cut down on the need for multiple delivery attempts, saving fuel and helping to “bag” a cleaner environment. Stores hosting these lockers are actively contributing to the planet’s “shelf life,” aligning with the sustainable goals that resonate with both customers and the global community.

And sustainability matters, in fact, 31% of UK consumers want to reduce the number of deliveries they receive for economic and environmental reasons but don’t have a suitable alternative. Parcel Pending by Quadient’s Open Locker Network is the “green”, carrier-neutral solution offering consumers more choice and convenience for parcel delivery and returns.

Community Convenience

Supermarkets are more than just places to buy groceries; they are community hubs where people “checkout.” Open locker parcel lockers outside supermarkets foster a sense of community by providing a central point for parcel collection. They offer a shared space where those in the extended neighbourhood can conveniently access their packages, reinforcing a sense of unity. This strengthens the bond between the supermarket and the local community, creating a win-win scenario for both.

Produce Profits

The integration of parcel lockers outside supermarkets and convenience stores brings the dual advantage of increased foot traffic and revenue. Shoppers arriving to collect their parcels are more likely to explore the supermarket’s offerings, potentially leading to additional purchases. Surveys have indicated that most individuals prefer to use smart parcel lockers, and this convenience encourages more frequent visits to the supermarket. Customers are also more inclined to spend additional money on groceries and other services offered by the host location, making it a fruitful endeavour for supermarkets.

Boost Your Brand Basket

Open network parcel lockers present a unique branding opportunity for supermarkets. By becoming a part of a broader network of carrier-agnostic partners, supermarkets can showcase themselves as local package pickup and return locations. This association boosts their “brand basket” and distinguishes them in a competitive market. It’s an effective way to stand out and attract customers seeking convenience and efficiency.

Unlocking Fresh Checkout Lanes for Revenue

In summary, the integration of open network parcel lockers outside supermarkets offers an exceptional opportunity for businesses to enhance the customer experience, promote sustainability, engage with the local community, and increase revenue, all without incurring significant upfront costs. The best part of hosting a Parcel Pending by Quadient Open Network Locker is that there’s no upfront cost, and maintenance is taken care of.

With consumers’ growing reliance on e-commerce, offering a seamless and eco-conscious parcel collection solution positions supermarkets as innovators in the retail landscape. By utilising their strategic locations and partnering with reputable locker providers, supermarkets can effortlessly incorporate this multifaceted service into their operations, serving the needs of their customers while expanding their market presence.

Hosting open-network parcel lockers is not just an advantage; it’s a recipe for success in the modern retail industry.

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