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Are mail processes creating security weaknesses in your organisation?

In offices and residential complexes, parcel deliveries can pose a number of inbound mail management issues. One of them is the necessity to keep personal information secure, which is something that can come under threat if parcels are stored in unsecured locations. Restricting access can be difficult, particularly when deliveries are made to communal areas, but an alternative solution can be found with parcel lockers.  

Organisations are increasingly aware of the importance of data security. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act (2018) emphasise security alongside a range of other measures designed to regulate how companies handle personal data and manage communications.

Much has been said and written about data protection over recent years, and rightly so as it has a big impact on the way many organisations operate yet, protecting personal information has always been important. If letters or parcels intended for one person fall into the hands of another, privacy can be compromised, and this is particularly concerning if the communications contain very personal or sensitive information.

In most cases, there should be little opportunity for information to end up in the wrong hands, or for privacy to be compromised, when communications are sent directly to individuals. However, in some cases, weaker security links may exist in the mail management chain.

In office buildings and residential complexes with multiple units, parcels may be left in communal spaces while they await collection. Whilst there, they could be picked up by the wrong person or go missing altogether. If post rooms are open access, the same problems could arise. Such losses could also lead to compensation payments to item recipients.

What’s more, parcels piling up in communal areas may become a trip hazard and could even be considered a potential fire risk.

Convenient and secure parcel storage

Parcel lockers provide secure storage for delivered items awaiting collection. Each parcel is placed in an individual locker which is locked until the recipient accesses it, using a PIN/barcode they are sent electronically when they were notified of their delivery.

Lockers solve a range of inbound parcel management issues in office locations and residential complexes. These include convenient anytime pick-up for parcel recipients. They also alleviate the need for building managers and post room staff to individually track people down when they have a delivery and to be responsible for securing items until they are collected.

Parcel lockers can provide an effective solution as part of a move towards electronic, secure inbound parcel management with traceability throughout the delivery cycle. For more information, find out what parcel lockers can do.