Weather happens, that’s a fact. Here’s another fact: Parcel Pending’s weatherproof outdoor locker systems are designed and engineered to protect boxes or packages and stand up to whatever the day may bring; sun, rain, snow and wind. We’ve got it covered. Our team of engineers will collaborate with you to customize a high quality powder coated outdoor electronic locker system that is safe and durable, and maximizes your available space while embracing the aesthetics of your property. We may not be able to predict the weather, but our waterproof outdoor lockers can protect your packages from weather damage, thieves, and porch pirates alike. Our delivery lockers and smart outdoor lockers for businesses offer the perfect solution to bad weather and are:
Outdoor Package Drop Box


Choose one of our premium colors, or design your system with custom waterproof paint, wraps, or branding.
Parcel Pending Outdoor Lockers in Oyster White with Shelter and Security CamerasParcel Pending Locker Oyster White Color Swatch
Parcel Pending Outdoor Parcel Lockers in Stone GreyParcel Pending Locker Stone Grey Color Swatch
Parcel Pending Outdoor Locker in Dark Brown with CoverParcel Pending Color Swatch for Brown Grey Lockers
Custom Color Outdoor Package LockerParcel Pending Custom Color Swatch Full Spectrum
Custom Wrapped Parcel Pending Outdoor Smart Locker System with Prescription Pick UpParcel Pending Smart Locker Custom Wrap Color Swatch
Outdoor Smart Locker from Parcel Pending in Brown Grey Color with a Screen and ShelterParcel Pending Single Outdoor Smart Locker with Cover
Outdoor Electronic Parcel Pending Locker for Use in Retail, Commercial, and MoreParcel Pending Single Outdoor Smart Locker in Brown Grey with Display and Cover
Parcel Pending Single Locker in Grey with Multi-sized Compartments and Shelter for Outdoor UseParcel Pending Standalone Locker with Multiple Compartments and Outdoor Shelter
Parcel Pending Locker with 12 Compartments and ShelterStandalone Parcel Pending Locker with Cover
Parcel Pending Outdoor Locker with Four Large Parcel Compartments and Outdoor ShelterParcel Pending Outdoor Locker with Large Parcel Compartments and Shelter
Parcel Pending Standalone Locker with One Large Compartment and Outdoor ShelterParcel Pending Outdoor Locker with Single Large Compartment and Shelter

Use the thumbnails above to visualize lockers larger


Parcel Pending locker systems can be configured in a wide variety of ways by using multiple locker sizes, ensuring packages of any size are delivered safely and securely, even in bad weather. Avoid stolen packages or weather damage when you install an outdoor package drop box. Our expert team will work with you to create the perfect outdoor parcel locker or outdoor package drop box to meet your needs.


See what everyone is saying about our products!

It’s awesome! It actually saves me time and I like knowing the deliveries are secure and not just left at the door.

Francisco B., FedEx Driver
Parcel Pending has restored at least 4 hours per day to my front desk associate… not to mention all the space we are now able to utilize in our office. Account Managers and Customer Service teams are exceptional.
Brittany Keleman, Community Manager, The Carlyle
The lockers have changed our lives, we went from handing out 70 -100+ package a day, down to maybe 2-3 (oversized packages). The lockers work amazing, the residents have access to their packages 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Wanda A. Basil, Manager