September 27, 2021

Webinar: Creating dynamic multichannel touchpoints for a safer in-store experience

Watch a 30-minute briefing from Forrester hosted by Parcel Pending by Quadient. In this webinar, Scott Compton, Senior Retail Analyst at Forrester, will review retail’s H1 2021 performance and retailers’ best practices that drove traffic back to physical storefronts. Other topics covered include:

  • How successful was H1 2021 for retailers?
  • Is social distancing influencing foot traffic at retail stores?
  • What have retailers done to drive traffic back to physical storefronts?
  • How have smart solutions created additional revenue for retailers?

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About Our Guest:

A retail e-commerce specialist with over 20 years of experience with direct-to-consumer marketing, Scott Compton’s research focuses on the strategies and technologies for stores and the grocery sector. Over the past 20 years, Scott Compton has held successful roles at multichannel retailers, brand manufacturers, and CPG companies. He also led an e-commerce strategy practice for over 100 retailers on the Kibo Commerce platform. He has expertise in customer experience, digital marketing, user experience testing, and conversion enhancements. Lately, he is fascinated by advances in AI, automation, personalization, privacy, and how data and insights enhance the customer experience.