retail lockers
February 2, 2021

Smart Lockers in Retail: A comprehensive vendor selection guide

The migration from in-store to online shopping during COVID has created new consumer expectations and preferences when it comes to the ways in which they shop. Customers now expect a perfect fusion between online and physical shopping channels, with matched convenience. Parcel locker solutions are becoming a critical component of omnichannel retail strategies, as they enable flexible fulfillment while providing a seamless customer experience. With parcel lockers, retailers can easily align their business to new market demands, while driving revenue and foot traffic to physical storefronts.

In this white paper, we guide you through the key questions you should ask parcel locker vendors if you are considering retail locker solutions for your company and customers, including:

  • Determining your business needs and KPIs
  • Evaluating the ROI/ROX of the vendor’s solution
  • Considering how the locker solution will work for your company
  • Planning for integrations, system customizations, etc.

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