July 26, 2022

eBook: The Connected Campus

As the number of students in higher education grows, institutions are looking for ways to modernize their campuses to provide a safe, premium experience for students, staff, and faculty. For many, that means implementing smart parcel lockers across campus to ensure package security and enhance employee efficiency. Now, institutions are looking for applications beyond mail and packages to further differentiate themselves in the competition for new student enrollment.

What’s Inside:

  • Real Case Studies: Dive deep into seven universities’ success stories, showcasing their journey to modernize campuses through intelligent parcel lockers and associated solutions.
  • Boost Revenue & Efficiency: Learn how campuses have transformed their operations, reducing costs while enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Streamlined Mail & Package Delivery: Witness the incredible impact of smart lockers on streamlining on-campus mail delivery, saving time and resources.
  • Campus Hub™ Solution: Uncover the ultimate all-in-one platform for hassle-free campus-wide asset exchanges, ensuring a safe, secure, and premium experience.

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