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Year-round Benefits of Outdoor Parcel Lockers

Parcel Pending outdoor lockers have many year-round benefits for multifamily properties that lack adequate indoor space or a communal area with 24/7 resident access.
For starters, our outdoor smart parcel lockers are built to withstand all four seasons. Be it rain, snow, wind or sun, Parcel Pending outdoor lockers protect packages from harsh outdoor elements. We use a special powder-coat on all of our outdoor lockers to give them the extra durability they need to tolerate whatever Mother Nature throws at us. As a result, precious packages are kept safe, secure and protected.
Secondly, our outdoor lockers are super convenient for residents and PMs. With 24/7 access, residents can literally pick up their package at any time. Be it late at night or during the early morning hours, they can conveniently and easily retrieve their packages. Residents no longer need to rush home to get their deliveries during their property’s office hours and PMs no longer need to assist them with their parcels.
This in turn saves valuable time for everyone.
For PMs specifically, they can now re-focus their attention on managing the property and enhancing resident relations. Property management staff no longer have to sign for, sort, or distribute package deliveries. With our innovative outdoor lockers, this process is handled for you. Our outdoor parcel boxes notify residents when they have a package and allow them to pick it up at their convenience. Our customer service team is also available 24/7 to troubleshoot any issues with residents and couriers—without involving your team. Our outdoor locker configurations simplify internal processes and improve customer satisfaction, making them the perfect solution to package management.
Finally, Parcel Pending outdoor lockers can be customized to blend seamlessly with a property and do not require any additional structures. Be it a tropical oasis, desert vibe or old Hollywood, Parcel Pending can work with you to create the perfect outdoor locker that mirrors the look and feel of your property.
Check out a sampling of what we’ve created below:

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