Why Resident Packages are a Major Pain Point for Property Managers

I’m out of light bulbs. Oh, I’ll just order more online. I need groceries. Oh, I’ll just go to the website.
Sound familiar?
Your residents are ordering everything from groceries to toiletries to Nike shoes online and having them delivered to their doorstep. In fact, the steady growth of e-commerce has increased parcel volume by 48 percent over the past two years, and there are no signs that this trend will diminish anytime soon.
As a result, the daily influx of resident packages and deliveries has become a major pain point for property managers (PMs).
It’s estimated that concierge staff and PMs spend an estimated four hours each day facilitating deliveries for residents. This includes signing for, sorting, storing and tracking deliveries, as well as managing logistics when residents come to pick up their packages.
Case in point. Some of our customers have experienced a 40 percent annual increase in the number of resident packages and deliveries with some receiving more than 30 packages per day. What’s even more surprising is that each package requires up to six minutes of staff time to record and manage.
Resident packages and deliveries are a major pain point for PMs due to the time and money it takes to manage the steady stream of packages. Most communities store these packages in a small room that quickly becomes crammed and disorganized. In addition, most residents pick-up their items between 4-7 p.m. – a timeframe when the property office team is typically busy tending to prospects or addressing resident requests. As such, package pick-ups inevitably create bothersome interruptions and distract PMs from other more important tasks.
Today’s PMs are urgently seeking a quick, easy and secure solution to help manage the daily influx of resident packages and deliveries. At the same time, today’s sophisticated renters demand and expect their apartments to offer high-tech amenities that will make the online ordering and delivery process convenient and seamless.
This is where Parcel Pending comes into play. Parcel Pending’s multifamily locker solutions help get property managers out of the business of package management and back to their real jobs of caring for residents.
Parcel Pending’s multifamily lockers provide a tangible solution for PMs and multifamily communities struggling to manage the continual deluge of resident packages. In fact, customer surveys show that our lockers help save up to 24 hours of staff time each week – time that was previously spent accepting, sorting, and distributing resident packages – and drive resident renewals by 40 percent.
With our locker solutions, PMs regain valuable time by no longer having to manage an abundance of packages and increase their efficiency by re-directing time once spent on dealing with packages to handling more important resident issues.
Learn more about Parcel Pending’s multifamily locker solutions here.