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Us vs. Them: Top 12 Reasons Why Parcel Pending is Your Smart Choice for Lockers

As we begin to move away from pandemic-related precautions and towards the “next normal,” many habits and preferences adopted during the past 15 months will linger. At the top of the list are online shopping and expedited delivery, practices that translate into a crucial need for a smart parcel management solution like Parcel Pending. However, as you’ll soon discover, not all locker companies are created equal.

Here are 12 reasons why Parcel Pending should be your vendor of choice for smart parcel locker solutions:

1. Custom Configuration and Design

Each property is unique; therefore, we don’t implement cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, we design an intelligent locker system that meets both your needs for today and your growing needs for tomorrow. With wraps and colors to match your community’s décor, your lockers work with your space.

2. 24/7/365 Customer Support

Unlike our competitors, our customer service is based here in the US and includes both Spanish- and French-speaking team members. And we don’t just support property management staff, but residents too. Our customer success and customer service teams are available to answer questions, schedule maintenance, and troubleshoot issues via email or phone to ensure the success of your investment post-installation.

3. Innovation Leader

Recognizing the onslaught of package, grocery, and food deliveries, we’ve introduced new products to help properties meet the challenge head-on. Refrigerated lockers and Locker Lite are two such innovations. Locker Lite is perfect for communities with 100 or fewer units and refrigerated lockers are perfect for ensuring temperature-sensitive products like groceries, flowers, and medicines remain safe and cool.

4. Experience in the Multifamily Market

Our leadership team has a combined experience in this space of more than 80 years and our lockers are installed in over 6,300 properties across North America. In short, we understand your needs as a property manager.

5. Fast and Accurate Delivery

Without lockers, most communities’ package management is handled by a concierge or property staff, resulting in a litany of potential problems: misdirected packages, limited pick-up windows for residents, and ad hoc notifications of package deliveries. Can you imagine a resident’s frustration at paying for expedited shipping only to discover that they weren’t notified of the delivery or that it was too late in the day to retrieve it? With smart parcel lockers, delivery notifications are sent to residents immediately, and most of them retrieve their packages the same day.

6. No More Porch Pirates or Building Bandits

Theft of packages is not just an “on the front porch” issue. It also affects high-rise buildings, townhomes, and apartment complexes. Whereas some property managers believe installing security cameras is the answer, the better solution is smart parcel lockers. Each package is scanned and securely placed within the locker. Residents can open lockers 24/7 by scanning a unique barcode sent to their phone (contactless) or by entering a unique code into the kiosk touchpad.

7. Pricing Options

Shall we talk about pricing? We recognize that this amenity can feel like a substantial investment, though lockers have a significant ROI when it comes to resident retention and satisfaction. As a result, we offer several flexible financing options including plans with no-money-down. (Talk to a representative today about specific options for your property.)

8. Integrated Free Mobile App

Our proprietary mobile app is a lifesaver and time-saver for you and your staff. After residents download the app, they can get notified immediately of deliveries or even turn on vacation mode on the fly. Further, the app allows them to open the package locker quickly and safely within 30 seconds and without any human interaction: they simply scan the barcode!

9. Outrageously High Resident Satisfaction Scores

When Atlanta-based Cortland installed our lockers at its first property (The Aspect at Cortland), 82% of residents said they preferred the lockers to the previous office pick-up system and were very satisfied. Plus, feedback included:

  • 90% of residents were satisfied with locker convenience.
  • 95% of residents were satisfied with the speed of package pickup.
  • 89% of residents were satisfied with the overall security at the property.

And 69% of residents at another Cortland property rated the parcel lockers as “excellent.” Plus, a whopping 40% said they’d be more likely to renew thanks to our lockers!

10. Chain of Custody Reports

Our chain of custody reporting tools give you complete visibility into where your residents’ parcels are at all times. From our reporting dashboard, you have instant access to the analytics on how and when your lockers are being utilized to ensure your system is as efficient and effective as possible.

11. Carrier Agnostic Delivery

Regardless of which carrier is delivering a package, we can accept virtually any delivery. From HelloFresh to Instacart, packages and other goods are safely and securely stowed until the resident retrieves them.

12. Time Saver for Management

On average, property managers saved a staggering 24 hours per week in labor (a part-time headcount!) once they installed our intelligent lockers. Managers no longer needed to sign for packages, notify residents, answer phone calls, stow parcels, or deliver packages to residents between tours and phone calls. The Crosstown Concourse in Memphis, for example, saved an average of 18 hours per week and no longer had to hire a part-timer to manage the packages when it installed our lockers.

In this post-pandemic world, lockers like ours are morphing from a luxury into a necessity. They boost resident satisfaction, retain residents, and increase staff efficiency all while safely securing packages for residents.

Ready to talk to a representative about how our smart lockers can be figured to meet your needs? Reach out today!