Open Locker Network

Unlocking the Power of Hosts in an Open Locker Network

With the global expansion of e-commerce, carriers and retailers are experiencing a surge in deliveries and returns. While numerous retail and carrier businesses are investing in in-store deliveries to create a more efficient approach to these challenges, the most advantageous way to maximize growth while creating a seamless, expansive offering that supports increased cost savings is through an Open Locker Network (OLN). However, building an expansive OLN that can reach customers when and where they want requires a large smart locker footprint, which means tapping into businesses looking to profit from unused space.

If you’re a business looking to drive more footfall, grow sales, and receive additional revenue with no out-of-pocket expense, then hosting a smart locker system may be for you. Read on to learn more about the Open Locker Network and how hosting a locker can benefit your business.

The power of smart lockers in an Open Locker Network

An Open Locker Network is a dense, scalable smart locker network that offers a cost-effective and convenient delivery and return method. Open Locker Networks promote added footfall to businesses and give carriers the advantage of significantly reducing stops and mis-deliveries to achieve cost savings and reduce their environmental impact, and at the same time, centralizing package collection, drop-offs, and returns, all in one stop at an accessible locker location through a seamless, transparent chain of custody.

Parcel Pending by Quadient’s expanding, global Open Locker Network promotes out-of-home (OOH) deliveries to eliminate extra pick-up points that add to greenhouse gas emissions by reducing fuel use and relieving roadway congestion. It also decreases the number of stops end-customers make to decrease traffic and associated pollution.

The Open Locker Networks’ power comes from the parcel locker’s retail and carrier agnostics capabilities. Outdoor parcel lockers are simple, easy-to-use solutions that benefit all participants. In minutes deliveries, collections, and returns can be made directly by carrier providers at a centralized smart locker location.

Carrier-agnostic lockers open the door for businesses to tap into increased revenue, as each smart locker represents multiple opportunities for use. The more individual locker turnover, the more transactions are taking place. In short, the higher the turnover, the higher the revenue. However, host locations are needed to build an effective Open Locker Network and are the foundation for a successful OLN strategy.

What is a host?

In short, a host is a business that provides unused space at locations such as supermarkets, retail stores and strip malls, public transportation hubs, or gas stations to integrate a parcel locker. By opening this space to a locker, hosts provide current and new customers with a secure, centralized location to receive deliveries and send returns.

Open Locker Networks alleviate the mounting pressure for carriers and retailers to scale to increasing consumer demand for deliveries and returns, driving up costs and creating a complicated first and last-mile process. This is why hosts play a central role in an OLN, as they enable businesses of all sizes and types to tap into this growing market by partnering alongside retailers, carriers, and locker providers, like Parcel Pending by Quadient, to drive up their sales and increase revenue, while becoming a customers’ trusted location for all their delivery and return needs.

Why hosting a locker is beneficial for your business

Businesses that host lockers join an expansive Open Locker Network or with a parcel hub that allows them to maximize the potential of unused space. Any business with a physical location can offer customers secure delivery and returns that enhance their shopping experience and provides them with unmatched convenience right from your business.

Key benefits to hosting a locker:

• New revenue source from lockers, at no cost to you
• Increased footfall to your business
• Increased revenue for customers who purchase from your business
• New customer acquisition
• Enhanced customer experience

By becoming a host location, you will grow brand loyalty and help build customer awareness of your business as they choose you as their go-to for their deliveries and returns.

Become a host today

Parcel Pending by Quadient connects the world through our global Open Locker Network to provide businesses with more flexibility, cost-savings, revenue growth, and convenience. If you are interested in joining our network, fill out the form below to talk to a Parcel Pending by Quadient representative today to learn more about how you can host a locker.