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Parcel Pending Showcases Commercial Locker Solutions at BOMA 2018 International Expo

Visit booth #318 to learn how Parcel Pending lockers help reduce operating costs and boost employee and tenant satisfaction
IRVINE, CA—(June 21, 2018) – Parcel Pending, a leader in the package management industry, will showcase its commercial locker solutions at booth #318 at the 2018 BOMA International Conference & Expo taking place June 23-26 in San Antonio.
Online shopping has skyrocketed and so too have the number of deliveries to corporate and commercial properties nationwide.  In fact, Career Builder reports that over 53 percent of employees nationwide make online purchases while on the job, and most opt to have their packages delivered to their office to avoid package theft or missing a delivery. As a result, many corporate and commercial property managers are tapping Parcel Pending to provide their electronic, self-service parcel lockers to make it quick, easy and convenient for their employees and tenants to manage their packages.
“We’re excited to exhibit at BOMA to showcase our commercial locker solutions,” stated Lori A. Torres, CEO of Parcel Pending. “We’ve been a leader in the package management space since we first came to the market five years ago, and we truly understand the pain points of the commercial real estate industry. Our parcel lockers help commercial property managers elevate their tenant and employee experiences by providing a simple, fast, secure and safe way for them to retrieve their packages. Our lockers also reduce overall operating costs and eliminate liability for corporate campuses and commercial mailrooms. It’s a win-win for all.”
Parcel Pending simplifies the package delivery process by taking care of logging, retrieving, and distributing packages quickly and effectively with little to no involvement from office staff.  With Parcel Pending’s commercial solutions, couriers and staff can securely deliver packages to our parcel boxes. Documents can also be effectively and securely inter-mailed to colleagues and supervisors. Recipients are instantly notified when they have a delivery by text or email. Once received, the recipient can pick up the package using the unique code provided in the notification, or by using our intelligent mobile app. Staff do not need to sign for packages, sort them, or distribute them to recipients—our commercial lockers handle it all.
Parcel Pending was founded by Torres in 2013 to provide effective package management solutions to property managers, residents and couriers alike. With over 25 years of real estate experience, Torres truly understood the diverse needs of property owners, property managers, couriers and residents. As a result, she was able to conceptualize and develop completely customizable indoor, outdoor and refrigerated digital smart lockers providing seamless package management solutions for multifamily communities, commercial office buildings, retailers and universities throughout the North America.
Today, Parcel Pending is an industry leader in the package management industry. Parcel Pending enables corporate campuses and commercial mailrooms to increase responsiveness to tenants and employees, provide better service, gain competitive advantage and concurrently reduce operating costs.
BOMA attendees are encouraged to stop-by Parcel Pending’s booth #318 to learn more about their commercial locker solutions.
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Parcel Pending is a leading provider of package management solutions to simplify and secure parcel deliveries. Parcel Pending combines 100% Always-On Customer Service, electronic lockers and mobile applications to improve the customer experience, while reducing operating costs. Parcel Pending markets to multi-family communities, commercial office buildings, retailers and universities throughout North America. More information is available by calling 855-316-4756 or at