Parcel Pending Introduces Locker Lite: New Locker Solution Designed to Address Package Management Needs of Small Communities

Locker Lite is an affordable solution for smaller properties looking for a safe & secure way to manage the delivery & retrieval of residents’ packages

IRVINE, CA—(May 27, 2020) – Parcel Pending, North America’s leading provider of package management solutions, today announced the launch of Locker Lite, a new locker solution designed specifically to address the package management needs of small communities (less than 100 units) that have limited space.

Locker Lite is an affordable solution for smaller properties – those that may receive up to 10 packages per day – that are looking for a safe and secure way to manage the delivery and retrieval of residents’ packages.

Package volume has nearly doubled (48 percent) over the past two years due in large part to the boom in online and mobile shopping. This number will only continue to grow: PWC estimates the number of packages delivered annually will rise to 16 billion this year, up from 11 billion in 2018.

“With deep roots in the multifamily industry, our goal has always been to alleviate the stress of package management for properties no matter what their size. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Locker Lite, a new solution designed specifically to address the package management needs of smaller communities,” stated Lori A. Torres, founder and CEO of Parcel Pending. “Locker Lite offers a big solution for smaller properties where package theft can run rampant due to the lack of onsite staff. Additionally, space is often limited at these sites. Locker Lite provides a secure solution and the right number of package lockers at a price point that works for smaller properties.”

The Locker Lite Difference:

  • Safe – Eliminates human-to-human contact as part of delivery.
  • Convenient – Fits practically any sized package.
  • Mobile-Friendly – Delivery notifications sent directly to residents’ phones.
  • Budget-Friendly – Subscription, purchase and no-money-down options available.
  • Dedicated Support – 24/7 customer service for property managers and residents.
  • Courier Agnostic – accepts deliveries from all couriers.
  • Smart – Infrared sensors detect and register the packages in each locker.

The Locker Lite package pick-up process is simple. Recipients are instantly notified by text, email or mobile app when they have a delivery. Once a notification is received, the recipient can pick up the package using the unique code provided in the notification or by using the convenient mobile app. Property managers do not need to sign for, sort or distribute packages to recipients.

“Residents want and expect that their apartment amenities will make their lives easier and that includes the effortless retrieval of their personal packages and goods,” continued Torres. “Parcel Pending’s Locker Lite answers the call for this growing demand by providing residents in smaller multifamily communities with 24/7 access to their packages right where they live. They no longer need to go offsite or rearrange their schedules to retrieve their packages safely and securely.”

Parcel Pending was founded by Torres in 2013 to provide effective package management solutions for property managers, residents and couriers alike. Torres and a large percentage of her staff come from the multifamily industry and understand the diverse needs of property owners, property managers, couriers and residents. This experience has enabled Parcel Pending to design and deliver customizable package management solutions, like the new Locker Lite solution, for multifamily communities. Today, Parcel Pending successfully delivers over 2.75 million packages monthly in the United States and Canada.

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About Parcel Pending:

Parcel Pending is the leading provider of package management solutions for residential, commercial, retail and university properties in the United States and Canada. In 2019, Parcel Pending was acquired by Quadient (formerly Neopost), the global leader in parcel, mailing, customer experience and business process automation solutions. Parcel Pending by Quadient, with over 2.75 million packages successfully delivered monthly, offers a wide range of solutions that ensure the simple and secure delivery and retrieval of packages and online orders. With the strength of our combined power, reach and offerings, Parcel Pending by Quadient provides state-of-the-art solutions and world-class customer service to solve the last-mile delivery challenge.

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