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Parcel Pending Continues Deployment of Outdoor Lockers with New Installation at Amerige Pointe

Outdoor Locker System Provides Amerige Pointe Residents with Secure 24/7 Access to Their Packages
IRVINE, CA–(December 20, 2017) – Parcel Pending, the nation’s leading provider of innovative package management solutions with 100% Always-On Customer Service®, continues the deployment of their outdoor lockers with a new installation at Amerige Pointe in Fullerton, Calif.
Designed for multi-family properties that either do not have adequate indoor space or do not have a communal area with 24/7 resident access, the Parcel Pending’s outdoor parcel lockers are built to withstand major weather conditions like rain, snow, wind, and heat. They keep packages safe, secure and protected from environmental factors while providing residents with convenient, 24/7 access.
“We were looking for a way to simplify our package management process and the Parcel Pending lockers are the solution,” explained Carol Owens, Manager of Amerige Pointe. “They were customized to blend in seamlessly with our property and are front and center in a well-lit area making it easy for residents to stop by anytime to get their packages. We also like that they have motion-sensor cameras to help deter package theft.”
“The lockers have been a great addition to our property. We like that the resident registration is easy and that the Parcel Pending website is user-friendly. We also value their excellent customer service team,” continued Owens.
Founded in 2013, Parcel Pending is the global package management industry leader with 100 employees and customers across North America. Parcel Pending’s package lockers enable property owners and managers to increase responsiveness to residents, provide better service, gain competitive advantage and concurrently reduce operating costs.
The way it works is simple. When a package arrives, a courier places it into a secure Parcel Pending locker. The recipient is then notified by text and/or email with a passcode to use when retrieving the package(s) privately and safely at any time.
“Our outdoor lockers feature the same proprietary technology as our indoor lockers along with a special powder-coat to protect parcels from the weather because no one wants their package melted by the sun or soaked by the rain,” said Lori Torres, CEO of Parcel Pending. “With their durability and convenience, these lockers make package delivery and retrieval simple for both residents and property managers.”
For more information on Parcel Pending outdoor lockers, please visit our website here.
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Parcel Pending is a leading provider of package management solutions to simplify and secure parcel deliveries. Parcel Pending combines 100% Always-On Customer Service, electronic lockers and mobile applications to improve the customer experience, while reducing operating costs. Parcel Pending markets to multi-family communities, commercial office buildings, retailers and universities throughout North America. More information is available by calling 855-316-4756 or at