Press Release

Parcel Pending Attends Groceryshop to Discuss Refrigerator and Freezer Combination Lockers

Lockers offer much-needed tailored solution for grocery retailers that sell perishable items
IRVINE, CA—(October 23, 2018)– Parcel Pending, the nation’s leading provider of innovative package management solutions,will attend Groceryshop, a leading tradeshow for the grocery and consumer packaged goods industries, during October 29-31, 2018 in Las Vegas to discuss their refrigerator and freezer combination lockers.
Online grocery shopping has been gaining in widespread popularity. In less than six years,70 percent of U.S. consumers will be grocery shopping online generating an estimated $100 billion in sales. That’s the equivalent of every U.S. household spending $850 online for food and beverages annually. As a result, grocery retailers are looking for effective ways to streamline their BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup in Store) process; and Parcel Pending is answering the call with their buy online, pick up in locker™ (BOPIL) solutions.
The newest addition to Parcel Pending’s BOPIL product line –  refrigerator and freezer combination lockers – will be discussed next week at Groceryshop by CEO Lori A. Torres. Available for indoor or outdoor installation, the new lockers are specifically designed to streamline click and collect orders for retailers and their customers.
What makes these lockers unique is the fact that retailers can set the entire locker tower to the optimal temperature for perishable goods and they will safely keep all delicate food and beverage items such as bread, milk, eggs, cheese, medications, flowers and wine, fresh until the customer retrieves their order. By allowing retailers to adjust the settings to a refrigerator or freezer-like temperature, the lockers make it quick, easy and convenient for customers to get their goods in the freshest state possible.
“The grocery retail landscape is rapidly changing. More consumers are doing their grocery shopping online and they want the goods they order to be available immediately, and the pick-up process to be quick and easy,” stated Lori A. Torres, CEO of Parcel Pending. “In fact, a whopping 80% of consumers expect to be able pick up their items in under 10 minutes from the time they enter the store. They demand a premium experience that includes no lines or waiting around and that is what we deliver. Our new lockers enhance the customer experience by keeping their online orders safe and fresh and making it quick and convenient for them to get their orders when they want.”
“In fact, a recent survey from one of our Fortune 500 retailers showed that customers were able to get their online orders in just seconds compared to minutes when using our BOPIL solutions.”
The way the new refrigerator and freezer combination lockers works is simple. Once an online grocery retail order is fulfilled, the items are placed into one of the Parcel Pending lockers located at the retail store. The lockers are cooled between 35 to 44 degrees, allowing temperature-sensitive items to stay fresh longer than allowed by the standard dry ice or gel packs.Customers are then instantly notified by text or email and provided with a unique numerical code that they can type or scan at the locker kiosk. They can then quickly and easily pick up their order at their convenience by going to the retail store and simply entering their personal code into the locker.Customers can rest assured that their products are fresh, and associates can focus on other in-store responsibilities and taking care of in-store customers.