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Getting to Know our CEO: Spotlight on Lori Torres

Lori has been recognized on multiple occasions for her leadership guiding the global development of Parcel Pending and growing the business substantially since its inception in 2013.
Most recently, she was named an “Innovator of the Year” by the Orange County Business Journal and chosen as one of 13 entrepreneurs admitted into the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ 2017 North America class.
We wanted to take this time to let you know more about our fearless leader:
She has Deep Roots in Real Estate.
Lori has more than 25 years of real estate experience under her belt.
In fact, she spent 13 years at the Irvine Company, a leading real-estate investment company and master planner that is highly respected for its stewardship and master planning of The Irvine Ranch in Orange County, Calif.
During her tenure at The Irvine Company, Lori regularly walked-through many of their 100+ Multi-Family Communities. Initially, package delivery was not a major issue during her walk-throughs. It used to be that property managers only took a few minutes out of their day to manage a small amount of deliveries for residents.
However, as time went on and online shopping became increasingly popular, Lori discovered that Property Managers were struggling to devote enough space, time and money to managing the major boost in resident deliveries and packages. At the same time, residents were becoming overwhelmingly frustrated with having to pick-up their packages during office hours (where’s the convenience in that?), disappearing packages, and tracking packages that never arrived.
Lori knew there had to be a better way and she set out to change the industry with Parcel Pending!
She’s an Entrepreneur at Heart.
Back in 2013, Parcel Pending was simply a business idea born out of Lori’s desire to help free property managers from their package problems, so they could get back to doing what they do best – managing properties, not packages.
Lori left behind the corporate world and a stable career to navigate the uncharted waters of owning a business. Was it scary to do so? Yes. But Lori is an entrepreneur at heart and she jumped in two-fold, beginning the initial Parcel Pending start-up phase and working towards achieving her MBA at Pepperdine University, George L. Graziazdio School of Business & Management at the same time.
Her passion to make Parcel Pending work never waned. She steadfastly developed the software to customize the electronic lockers and simultaneously secured manufacturing a heavy-weighted product in Asia – all without funding.
After she proved the concept with the first installation, Lori targeted funding from the Tech Coast Angels (TCA). She secured funding in just seven weeks!
Today, Parcel Pending is a leading provider of package management solutions that simplify and secure parcel deliveries for multi-family communities, commercial office buildings, retailers and universities throughout 40 states and Canada.
Overall, it is Lori’s extensive real estate experience that allows her to truly understand the diverse needs of property owners, property managers, couriers and residents. As a result, Lori has been able to successfully grow Parcel Pending into a leading provider of package management solutions for multi-family communities, commercial office buildings, retailers and universities throughout the U.S. and Canada.
What else would you like to know about Lori? Comment below.