Mailroom Makeover – Organization & Management Tips

Does your mailroom need a makeover?
Online shopping is skyrocketing! In fact, 80% of Americans made an online purchase in the past month alone. Additionally, a typical apartment community receives as many as 100 packages per week and that number doubles during the holidays. That is why it is vital to take a serious look at your mailroom and package management process. If you are in need of some organization, Parcel Pending has the mailroom management system to help.

“As online sales continue to skyrocket, package delivery management is becoming a growing issue to apartment communities,” says Mercedes Sanchez of the Houston Apartment Association. “Many simply do not have the storage capacity, so they are trying to figure out how to handle the deluge of packages and are having a second look at their policies regarding this issue.”
For example, is your staff spending too much time signing for, sorting, storing, tracking deliveries and managing logistics when residents come to pick them? On average, concierge staff and property managers nationwide spend an estimated 15 hours each day facilitating deliveries for residents. That’s a huge chunk of valuable time that can be better spent addressing important issues, showcasing the property and providing valuable customer service to their residents.
The first step in any mailroom makeover is embracing technology to help streamline and automate package management. With Parcel Pending locker solutions, our mailroom automation will help you stay organized, keep packages secure, and improve efficiency of your mailroom organization. Today’s time-crunched Property Managers need a quick, easy and secure way to manage the growing influx of incoming deliveries. Your staff doesn’t have hours each day for mail handling and organization. At the same time, today’s sophisticated renters demand and expect their apartments to offer tech savvy amenities that will make the online ordering and delivery process seamless.
One way to do so is by installing mailroom storage solutions at your property. Residents view storage lockers as an added amenity that can help your building stand out from the rest. According to a survey by Multifamily Executive, over 28% of renters list package lockers as “very important,” or near the top on a scale of 1-10 in terms of amenities they care about most.
Parcel Pending’s apartment package locker solutions simplify and secure the delivery and retrieval of packages for multifamily communities by assuming all customer service responsibilities. On average, our lockers can help multifamily properties save up to 24 hours of staff time per week.  That’s $4,800 in savings on operational costs per month!
Our package management solutions allow multifamily staff to redirect the countless hours they once spent managing packages towards providing enhanced customer service. That equates to reducing operating costs, retaining more residents, closing more new leases, improving your overall community and gaining a competitive advantage.
As you can see, there are endless benefits for offering mailroom automation services within a housing community. Adding a physical storage space helps to reduce the risk of theft, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and cut down on manual labor.
The number of packages that residents receive will increase as online shopping continues to escalate, so get ahead of the trend now by making over your mailroom.
 Whenever you decide to improve the efficiency of your mailroom operations, just remember that Parcel Pending is ready to help.
What will you do to makeover your mailroom? Comment below.