8 Reasons to Invest in Commercial Lockers

The volume of online purchase deliveries to the workplace is rapidly increasing. In fact, 53% of employees nationwide make online purchases while on the job, and many of them opt to have their online orders delivered straight to their office/work to avoid package theft, missed deliveries, and rescheduling deliveries. 

Here are 8 reasons why savvy commercial property managers are investing in package management solutions for their employees.

Smart Lockers Boost Employee Satisfaction

Nobody wants to worry about porch pirates or missed deliveries when it comes to parcel delivery. That is why many are now sending their packages to their workplace. Employees want and expect their packages to be safely and securely delivered to their workplace. Our lockers ensure successful delivery the first time around, even when employees are out of the office or away from their desks.

While casual Fridays, endless snacks, and “bring your dog to work” days are great perks, the reality is that employees want convenience; this is where parcel lockers come into play. Parcel Pending’s commercial locker solutions help to enhance the employee experience by making it quick, easy, and convenient for them to retrieve their online orders/products while at work, giving employees and building managers peace of mind.

Smart Lockers Manage Chain of Custody

Parcel Pending alleviates the stress of property management duties by assuming all customer service responsibilities for package delivery, notification, and retrieval. Our locker systems track each delivery and pickup, providing building managers with a full chain of custody visibility for each package. Building managers no longer have to waste valuable time accepting, logging, sorting, and distributing packages. In fact, it is estimated that our parcel lockers can help commercial building managers save up to 24 hours of staff time each week– significant savings when it comes to operational costs. Building managers can have peace of mind knowing that Parcel Pending lockers can securely manage the chain of custody for all package deliveries to the commercial property.

Smart Lockers Are a Tech-forward Solution

These days, consumers want and expect their home and workplace amenities to make their lives easier –that includes the effortless retrieval of their personal packages and goods. That is why savvy building managers are investing in tech-forward package management solutions that are:

  • Smart – Infrared scanners detect and categorize the packages in each locker.
  • Secure –cloud-based video surveillance comes standard with each locker system.
  • Cool – Refrigerated lockers keep temperature-sensitive items cool.
  • Courier Agnostic – 100% deliverability from all couriers.
  • Convenient – Fits packages of all sizes.
  • Mobile-Friendly – Delivery notifications sent directly to employees’ phones.

Smart Lockers Make Package Deliveries Easy

With our intelligent parcel locker system, recipients are instantly notified when they have a delivery by text or email. The recipient can then pick up their package using the unique code provided in the notification, or by using our mobile app. Building staff do not need to sign for, sort, or distribute packages to recipients — our commercial locker solutions handle it all. Security cameras are also available, allowing building managers to identify who is delivering and picking up the packages. 

Smart Lockers Allow for Faster Delivery at a Lower Cost

Prior to smart lockers, most commercial building mailroom staff would have to go door-to-door or desk-to-desk to deliver their tenants’ packages. This process was even more cumbersome if the company required a recipient signature to prove delivery. Often times, staff would have to return again and again to ensure that the right person received the correct package. Instead of taking hours to deliver one single package, parcel lockers reduce delivery times to mere minutes. Parcel Pending parcel lockers simplify the package delivery process by taking care of logging, retrieving, and distributing packages with little to no involvement from building staff. With Parcel Pending’s commercial locker solutions, couriers and staff can securely deliver packages to both tenants and employees.

Parcel Lockers are a Premium Amenity 

Parcel Pending’s commercial locker apartment solutions provide tenants with a secure, convenient, and intuitive way to have their packages delivered to their workplace. We make it quick, easy, and convenient for employees to retrieve their personal packages at the workplace without interrupting or inconveniencing building staff.

Parcel Lockers Provide Security and Peace of Mind

All package deliveries and pick-ups are monitored, tracked, and verified by our built-in cameras and infrared scanners. We guarantee safety and security for each package, thereby helping to eliminate package liability for missed deliveries and theft.

Parcel Lockers are a Customizable Package Management Solution

Parcel Pending also offers a wide range of custom locker styles and designs to fit the unique aesthetics of each commercial property and a dedicated team that personally helps building managers maximize their investment.

For more insights on company perks and cool office environments, visit Parcel Pending today. 

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Investing in commercial lockers guarantees safety and security for each package. It also improves operational efficiency and enhances employee happiness. All of our parcel commercial lockers can be customized & designed to fit your property’s aesthetics. Learn more and invest today, contact us for a quote!