6 Perks of Safe Parcel Delivery with Package Lockers

Welcome to the future of parcel delivery – it’s a seemingly endless onslaught. Experts estimate package volume is up a whopping 70% every month compared to pre-pandemic levels. And multi-family properties could see as many as 486 package deliveries per week during the 2020 holiday season – almost a 67% increase over current delivery volume! Planning now to install smart lockers ensures a safe, secure, and satisfying experience for your residents.

If you are looking to streamline your community’s parcel delivery system, here are 6 benefits to installing package lockers:

1. Cultivate a Safe and Secure Community Experience

Watch customer satisfaction soar as residents enjoy 24/7 access to their packages. Whereas residents used to spend time waiting in line or attempting to pick up packages from the leasing office outside of normal business hours, residents can now view their community and its amenities in a more positive light. In fact, studies show that installing parcel delivery lockers ups lease renewals by 40%. Residents are now looking for a balance between safety and community. Even though COVID has put a damper on up-close interactions, residents are still hungry for events, activities, and personal connections that foster a sense of community. By not having to deal with package delivery issues, your staff can focus on improving the resident experience. After all, this is the time when residents are looking to you to remain accessible, nimble, and flexible.

2. Boost Safety

With contactless entry, your residents can pick up multiple parcels without interacting with delivery company drivers, property staff, or even other residents. The smart parcel locker system sends recipients a unique access code and/or a barcode to their smartphone, allowing for easy and safe package pickup without ever touching a keypad. Our smart lockers are available in a variety of custom colors and wraps to match your property branding or aesthetic. We also offer custom configurations to fit your unique space requirements, with a variety of locker sizes to fit over 95% of all parcel deliveries. All locker sizes are ADA-accessible.

3. Affords Social Distancing

24/7 package retrieval more evenly distributes when your residents can pick up multiple parcels. Instead of compressing pickup times to fit your leasing office hours, residents using a self-service parcel retrieval system can spread pickups out over a longer period, resulting in social distancing. Don’t forget package pickup usually takes 10 seconds or less with no signature required.

4. Reduce Lost Packages

Did you know that an astonishing 1.7 million packages are stolen or lost every single day in the United States? Or that one in three customers of a top online retailer report a missed delivery or missing parcel annually? Most importantly, residents report that reliable parcel delivery is their top-rated amenity. With the introduction of smart locker technology, packages are safely stored and secured. Our chain of custody reporting tools give you complete visibility into where your residents’ parcels are at all times. Our system also takes you out of the liability loop and reduces the number of “disappearing” goods. Parcel Pending by Quadient’s locker system also integrates seamlessly with your existing property management software system to ensure that resident data remains up-to-date.

5. Increase Productivity

Get your staff back to property management as opposed to parcel management. Switching to an automated smart locker system can save your staff up to 24 hours each week. Team members will no longer be charged with package security, signature validation, or multiple resident inquiries.As a carrier agnostic system, our smart locker systems work seamlessly with UPS, USPS, FedEx, Amazon, DHL, and more. Parcel Pending automates manual systems with automatic parcel delivery notification by email, text, or mobile app. A complete suite of intuitive reporting and tracking tools provides powerful intelligence for parcel management including pick up time, stale package tracking (parcels received, but not picked up), and lost item alerts. Your dashboard does the work, so you don’t have to.

6. Ensure Safe & Reliable Delivery

Since Parcel Pending’s inception in 2013, we have successfully delivered over 57 million packages in North America! Almost all of these parcel deliveries required zero interaction with property management, leasing consultants, or administrative staff.

Here’s how the secure locker system works:

  1. The courier service delivers goods directly to the secure electronic locker system.
  2. Residents are automatically notified by email, text, or mobile app alert that a package has arrived. They are given a unique access code that they manually enter or a barcode they can scan for contact-free access to their delivery.
  3. Residents retrieve the item at the lockers using their unique and secure access code or barcode.

Customer service should be high on your list when it comes to adopting a smart locker system. With our superb, U.S.-based customer service team, we have your back when it comes to resident support. Available 24/7/365, we offer email and phone support for any resident questions or issues.

Shifting to smart lockers is a big change…for the better. But, if you have questions, we have answers. Contact a member of our sales team to find the right solution for your property.