5 Savvy Property Manager Tools You Should be Using

The life of a property manager or landlord is far from being a 9 to 5, Monday through Friday gig. Whether you need to collect rent payments, facilitate a new tenant’s lease, process maintenance requests, arrange for a plumber to fix the dishwasher in 3B, or any of the myriad responsibilities that property management entails, it’s a huge responsibility that keeps you and other property owners or managers like you on call around the clock. Not to mention, amongst all the responsibilities, you still have to keep your spirits high and customer service strong to increase.

Because property management is such a demanding job, it’s essential to equip yourself with all the right property management tools. In which case, which tool or property management solution should every property manager and property management company have in their arsenal? Does your property management toolkit include a security system or residential lockers? Find out below with our top 5 essential property manager tools:

#1 Rent Manager Software

Whether you manage 1 or 100 properties, Rent Manager software is a must-have for the future of property management and streamlining your daily operation. This advanced, highly customizable rental property management software provides you with an all-in-one property management solution for:

  • Accepting and issuing electronic payments so you can collect rent payment with ease
  • Tracking your rent collection and accounting in one organized file
  • Signing leases electronically and accepting requisite documentation from prospects
  • Managing the status of a maintenance request or other work orders
  • Fully integrating the software with your website to attract prospective tenants and key them in on important information like available units or where to find rental applications

Rent Manager is a rental property management software that can also be downloaded as a smartphone app so property owners and managers can conveniently manage rent collection and rent payments, or maintenance requests on the go.

#2 Smart Security System

Many property manager’s worst nightmare is an on-site burglary; it’s as demoralizing as it is bad for business. Thankfully, modern-day smart security systems serve as an invaluable, easy to use line of defense. We take safety seriously, which is why investing in a smart security system is amongst our top property management tips.

Once a smart security system is installed in each unit, all you need is a smartphone to access its many benefits, including:

  • Live Video Recording – Smart security system cameras give you a live look inside any unit at any time to ensure your tenants’ safety (but be sure not to overuse this feature. Doing so could violate your tenants’ privacy rights).

And if an incident does occur on your multifamily apartment the camera will catch everything, giving a landlord or property manager a live feed for monitoring the situation and detailed video evidence you can easily download and send to the police.

#3 Parcel Pending Package Locker

With the popularity of eCommerce constantly on the rise, tenants are concerned about the security of not only their belongings inside their homes but also their packages waiting for them at their doorstep. That’s where Parcel Pending’s innovative package locker solutions come to the rescue. From streamlining the package delivery process to reducing operating costs spent sorting through packages, residential lockers are an easy way to keep your residents happy and save you valuable time.

Capable of customization to fit any space in your building’s lobby, Parcel Pending’s Buy Online, Pickup in Locker (BOPIL) solutions offer unrivaled security throughout each phase of the package delivery process. Their unique features include:

  • Burglar-Proof Construction – Parcel Pending lockers are built with ultra-tough 18 gauge rolled steel and an industrial-grade indoor/outdoor screen. Unless a burglar somehow hires the Incredible Hulk, there’s simply no chance of them breaking into a Parcel Pending locker.
  • Enhanced Interior Technology – Each Parcel Pending locker unit is equally stingy on the inside, fortified with motion-detecting security cameras and infrared scanners. This ensures that all activity in each individual locker unit is fully documented.
  • Easy Pickup – Parcel Pending lockers are as difficult for would-be burglars to crack as they are easy for authorized package recipients to use. So not only is this the perfect package theft deterrent, but it’s a simplified way for residents to receive packages. The process is a simple one: the intended recipient will receive a one-time numerical code on the Parcel Pending mobile app once the package has been delivered. Then, they use the code to pop open their assigned locker and retrieve their package at their own convenience.

#4 Smart Locks

Speaking of lockdown security, you’d be wise to install smart locks in each of your building’s units. Rising up amongst apartment trends, this solution makes not only your life easier, but your resident’s also.

With smart locks in place, both you and your tenants can:

  • Lock and unlock the front door remotely from a mobile phone. This enables you to let package delivery drivers and maintenance workers into a unit without you or the tenant having to be present.
  • Log every non-tenant who enters and leaves the building, giving you a full record of activity in the unit in case an incident occurs.

#5 Smart Thermostats

Many people have at least one memory of their parents sternly imploring them “don’t touch the thermostat!” That’s for good reason: failing to regulate your thermostat properly can leave you with a massive energy bill.

That’s why smart thermostats are a saving grace. They can be adjusted remotely from a smartphone, but also have the capacity to pick up on a tenant’s preferred settings and adapt accordingly.

And as a wonderful bonus, smart thermostats shift automatically into conservation mode whenever residents of the home aren’t there.

Optimize Your Operations

A day in the life of a property manager is rarely going to be easy, especially if you manage multiple properties. But by acquiring the above property management tools, you can at least make your daily operation considerably smoother while making your residents happier. Whether you decide to implement one or all of these management solutions, you’ll be sure to feel less overwhelmed.