5 Perks of Intelligent Parcel Locker Systems for Colleges

Although getting packages delivered straight to students’ door-fronts or the mailroom seems convenient, there are many compelling reasons why it is neither the best method, nor the safest. As the world gets “smarter” and more connected, so should university mail delivery systems. 

Enter Intelligent Parcel Locker Systems for college campuses.

Whether the problem is stolen packages outside of over-crowded mailrooms or student mail services storage areas, here are the top 5 reasons why these self-contained “smart” lockers are the singular solution:

  1. Cost-Savings
  2. Low Maintenance
  3. Analytics
  4. Secure
  5. Customizable

Read on to find out why these benefits are ideal for any college or university.

How Do Smart Lockers Work?

Smart lockers are pretty simple. By combining parcel locker hardware technology with state-of-the-art software, they allow for a fully connected network of retailers, delivery companies, universities, and residents. Here’s how it works:

  1. Package is delivered into the parcel locker by Staff 
  2. The student will immediately receive a notification, a dedicated code, and instructions—straight to their device—when the package arrives
  3. Residents can then retrieve their package on any day, at any time

The key to Intelligent Parcel Locker Systems is not only in their technology, but also in the systems engineering backboning that technology. Not only are these delivery lockers a product, but they also come with a set of student internet package management solutions that have enabled Parcel Pending to deliver almost fifteen million packages throughout North America, thus far. 

#1 Cost-Savings to Write Home About

College mail delivery costs valuable time for students and money for universities. Colleges around the country spend an unnecessary amount of time, labor, and capital on picking up the pieces left behind from their currently inefficient delivery systems. Instead, they should be investing in smart, streamlined management solutions and hardware to increase customer satisfaction and save them money.

But how does implementing smart parcel lockers save colleges money?

Most of these cost savings come from a dramatic reduction of operational costs. Here’s how:

  • Based on the average of 31 packages per student every year, universities can save up to 240 hours per week in delivery processing time in mailrooms.
  • By integrating with university mail tracking systems, institutions can save on labor required to coordinate multiple deliveries and track mail.
  • With smart college lockers, package liability is no longer a problem: secure delivery means no lost packages, no unhappy residents, and no money-drain. 
  • Thanks to intelligent locker systems and their integrated and robust reporting solutions, stale packages are a thing of the past. No longer will university mailrooms serve as glorified storage facilities.

These systems are ideal for simplifying and streamlining the parcel delivery process for everyone on campus, whether they are mailing interdepartmental packages, receiving care packages from mom and dad, or shopping online.

#2 Low Maintenance? More Like No Maintenance!

Whether the things college students want include picking up their 12-pack of Gatorade on their way home from a grueling all-nighter or grabbing the 10-pound chocolate bunny they got to console them after a painful morning exam, they will never have to wait in line or worry about operational hours. Here are other things students and universities will get to avoid:

  • Understaffing problems
  • Overcrowded mailrooms
  • Inflexible pickup-times
  • Long lines and slow pickup processes
  • Package-related risks
  • Expensive package liability issues

Lockers are open 24/7 and are easy-to-use. This means that the delivery process is streamlined, making the previously tedious time-drain of mail delivery efficient, convenient, and pain-free.

#3 Smart Analytic Solutions for Constant Improvement

Universities are constantly teaching students how to be innovative, learn from their actions, and improve. Parcel Pending returns the favor. With our expert analytics solutions, universities will be able to receive instantaneous summaries which show how lockers are being used, track locker capacity and turnover, and see when stale packages need to be removed.

Universities will have access to analytics dashboards that allow them to effectively manage package deliveries and mail services staff. These analytics will alsohelp institutions glean insight on their student body’s delivery patterns. This helps to inform future decisions and secure locker installations. 

#4 Secure Delivery Solutions

What’s worse than a late package? 

A stolen package.

That’s why safe and secure delivery of packages is one of the top benefits of intelligent parcel locker systems. 

Approximately 23 million Americans have experienced package theft from their mailbox or front porch. University students are no different. The “porch pirate” epidemic does not solely affect homeowners. Unfortunately, packages left in campus mail service center storage areas get stolen too.
This can cost universities countless labor hours to find lost or stolen parcels. Not to mention, package loss or theft only makes student life more stressful. That’s where electronic parcel lockers come in. 

Here’s how they prevent package theft:

  • Package recipients are sent locker access codes that are specific to them. That way, no package falls into the wrong hands. 
  • Most package theft occurs when recipients are out of the house for work or school. Electronic parcel lockers are available 24/7, which means packages are securely stored until the recipient wants to pick them up.
  • Only authorized personnel can open lockers. That means campus mail services staff and package recipients only.  

Secure delivery solutions offer college campuses the peace of mind they need to take full advantage of mail delivery—without having to pick up any burden. 

#5 Customizable Amenities

Customizable amenities for package delivery locker systems are high in-demand for college campuses. Premium custom colors and wraps allow colleges to decorate locker surfaces with their school colors, mascots, and campus palette. 

Outdoor Locker Options

Lockers can be installed indoors and outdoors to meet any spatial requirements necessary. Parcel Pending’s engineering team will collaborate with colleges to customize an outdoor electronic locker system that is as safe and durable as it is smart. These high-quality lockers for colleges are designed to protect packages—of various sizes—from any kind of weather, while also gracefully fitting into the aesthetics of the space. 

Parcel Pending’s customizable student housing amenities help universities accommodate the widest selection of packages possible, for a student body just as diverse.

Make Smart the Top Priority

Dynamic, convenient, and secure delivery strategies are in high-demand for colleges and universities. With customization that’s ideal when you want to promote schools, and flexibility that’s perfect for the busy student, Intelligent Parcel Locker Systems are the solution to college campuses searching for an answer to the age-old mailroom problem. Smart is the future. 

Give the future problem-solvers of the world a delivery system that’s as intelligent as they are! 

For insights on trends in college student housing when Gen Z goes to college, read on at Parcel Locker.