March 22, 2021

Year in Review: COVID-19’s Impact on the Future of the Multifamily Industry

In early 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic forced people to withdraw into their homes in an effort to avoid catching or spreading the virus. As people adjusted to the “new normal,” shoppers chose digital platforms to buy not only essential items but entertainment, clothing, and workout equipment. This has led to year-round, holiday-level delivery rates to multifamily properties.

Moving into 2021 and beyond, these new customer habits will remain long past the end of the pandemic, which is why it is essential for multifamily properties to implement smart tools, such as parcel lockers, to facilitate resident and property needs.

In this white paper, we explore:

  • The initial impact of COVID on multifamily residences
  • Innovations and new workflows implemented at multifamily properties
  • The growing importance of intelligent parcel lockers beyond parcel delivery
  • Expert predictions on the multifamily residences in 2021 and beyond

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