April 1, 2021

Year in Review: COVID-19’s Impact on the Future of Higher Education

Higher education institutions have been sorely tested since the start of the pandemic. Following school closures throughout 2020, COVID-19 has made it difficult for many institutions to fulfill their obligations of providing a safe and secure campus experience.

However, higher ed has proven to be resilient, leaning into hybrid learning environments and integrating intelligent tools, such as parcel lockers, to create a new on-campus experience that promotes students and staff’s health and safety.

As universities begin welcoming students back to campus, the day-to-day challenges they faced pre-pandemic will remain, such as increased parcel deliveries. Nevertheless, the tools and processes implemented during the pandemic will be essential in facilitating this modern campus experience.

In this white paper, we explore:

  • The initial impact of COVID on higher education institutions
  • Innovations and intelligent tools implemented during the pandemic
  • Why parcel lockers are key to a safe return to campus
  • How on-campus innovations will remain long past the end of the pandemic
  • The role of parcel lockers in the Campus Hub experience
  • Expert predictions on the future of higher education from 2021 and beyond

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