May 7, 2021

Smart Uses for Smart Lockers: How the BTR industry is using parcel lockers

Intelligent parcel lockers have become a staple solution within build-to-rent, helping to address complex parcel management challenges faced due to the growing e-commerce market. With the ability to facilitate more than just automated parcel delivery and returns; in the BTR industry, we are seeing them used to create new resident experiences and optimise operations.

Build-to-rent developments have seen an explosion over the last decade as the number of people who choose to rent has increased. Additionally, the appeal and convenience of shopping online has led to a boom in parcel deliveries to build-to-rent properties.

E-commerce sales for 2020 were estimated at $4 trillion, a 27.6% growth rate. COVID-19 has further exasperated this delivery influx, as residents who are working from home are having deliveries made directly to their residence. While home delivery may seem more convenient, residents are still restricted by property management operating hours that usually require items to be retrieved at inconvenient times. If a property does not offer this service and provides direct carrier delivery to the resident’s front door instead, residents must also be vigilant of porch piracy, which increased by 22% between 2016-2019, according to Police records.

The growth of e-commerce has shown properties that smart technologies are no longer a nice to have but a requirement. Over the years, properties have introduced the latest amenities such as rooftop lounges, gyms and concierge services to attract new clientele. Now parcel lockers have become the must-have amenity.

Locker automation capabilities

Smart parcel lockers create an automated process that is proven to reduce operational costs and physical contact (thanks to the system’s contact-free capabilities), all while providing a convenient 24/7 self-service parcel experience for residents. Beyond that, smart lockers also provide properties with additional applications to improve the facilitation of their everyday activities. Below are some unique ways parcel lockers are being leveraged by build-to-rent properties.

Key distribution

Many BTR residences are using parcel lockers to provide new residents with their keys. By utilising the locker as an intermediary, property management can provide a more convenient experience to their new residents. Before, property management offered specific timeframes for key retrieval. Parcel lockers enable them to provide flexible key distribution outside of typical operating hours, limiting physical contact via the convenient, self-service experience.

Document retrieval and collection

A key component to BTR property’s everyday activities is the handling and distribution of important documents, such as new tenant contracts, tenant files, or correspondence between residents and property staff. Whether a new resident is moving in, or someone is moving out, ensuring that the appropriate documentation reaches the resident is essential. Thanks to the locker’s software, which tracks the items that have been delivered or collected from the locker, property managers can keep track of who has received their documents and when.

Property maintenance

For maintenance staff, parcel lockers can be used to share items for retrieval by other workers, employees, or for resident self-service. Items such as knobs and light bulbs can be delivered to the locker for convenient pick-up. This decreases face-to-face contact, while also providing flexibility for both staff and residents.

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