Brickell on the River

Luxury apartment community, Brickell on the River, eases delivery process with large-scale Parcel Pending by Quadient locker solution

Brickell on the River is a community of residential towers located in the upscale community of Brickell in the heart of Miami, Florida. The community consists of a 42-story North Tower with 404 units, a 44-story South tower with 334 units, and a central plaza between both towers that contains a restaurant, riverfront promenade, and other community amenities.

Challenge Solution Results
Brickell on the River saw parcel deliveries increasing to as high as 500 packages per day over the years, resulting in a “hectic” parcel management process. Manually documenting and distributing packages was time-consuming and often took staff away from their main functions. Working conditions in the parcel storage room were also not ideal, prompting a search for alternative parcel management solutions. A member of the community’s Board of Directors recommended Parcel Pending by Quadient. Through a rigorous research and bidding process, Quadient was selected out of three other vendors for their smart parcel lockers. From a thorough analysis of the property’s delivery data, it was determined that 32 locker towers with 486 compartments comprised of a mix of extra small, small, medium, and large doors would fit Brickell’s needs. Residents are happy with the system as they can collect packages at their convenience rather than stopping by the front desk. Reception staff can focus on their core functions instead of stepping away from their desks multiple times a day to retrieve packages from the storage room, and the property was also able to shrink their receiving staff by one headcount.

“Our experience of working with Parcel Pending by Quadient has been very good – excellent, in fact. From the beginning, when we were doing everything together with various Parcel Pending by Quadient teams – customizing the perfect locker configurations for us, closing the deal, planning the installation – through finalising the project, it was a great experience. I would definitely recommend Parcel Pending by Quadient, 100%. I am so happy with the lockers! When I do my rounds, I go to the lockers every day and I see my residents retrieving packages from the lockers – it’s so easy!”
Maritza Gonzalez, General Manager of the North Tower and Master Association, Brickell on the River

Quadient, the leading provider of innovative package management solutions for multifamily communities, was founded with a simple goal in mind: to make package delivery easy and intuitive for everyone. With over 70 million packages delivered annually, Parcel Pending by Quadient offers a wide range of solutions that ensure safe, secure, and on-demand resident package retrieval.

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