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How Parcel Pending Delivery Lockers Can Actually Increase Your Bottom Line

Electronic parcel locker solutions already help thousands of multi-family residential communities manage package delivery and retrieval. Thousands more would like to manage their packages this way, but worry they can’t justify the cost of purchasing and installing the lockers. Running a holistic cost-benefit analysis, one finds that these concerns are clearly misguided. At least that’s the case when the responsibility of managing packages shifts from your management staff to a Parcel Pending digital smart locker.
Affordable Pricing Options
Parcel Pending understands that, like households, residential management companies have varying means and budgets. We don’t want cash-strapped businesses to forgo the benefits of package management solutions because they don’t have the capital to invest in them. We proudly offer a FREE locker program service as an option. Instead of shelling out the capital to buy our lockers, you pay a small monthly fee for customer service and your residents pay a nominal membership fee in order to enjoy the perks of convenient, 24/7 package retrieval. If you’d rather own the package lockers but cannot pay for them in full right now, we also offer generous three-year financing plans for customer satisfaction.
Revenue Sharing
The low costs associated with Parcel Pending’s purchase and rental options are not the only way to justify their installation. Parcel Pending offers custom-designed revenue sharing programs that can make your package management system double as a source of profit.
Save Time, Save Money
If the old adage that time is money rings true in your business operations, then pay attention. One of the most compelling benefits afforded by a Parcel Pending digital smart locker is the time it frees up for your employees. This time can be spent on other productive tasks instead, ultimately contributing to a beefier bottom line.
Attract and Retain Residents
Secure, on-site, 24/7 package retrieval is an amenity that nearly three in four apartment residents desire. Many apartment dwellers are even willing to pay a small membership fee in exchange for the luxury. Install the Parcel Pending total package management solution before most of your competitors, and you may even improve your vacancy rate and increase resident retention. Resulting revenue increases and high housing demand could be attributed in part to the addition of the lockers.
Parcel Pending delivery locker systems are not as expensive as you might think. Viewed as a forward-thinking market investment, their purchase should be easy for most multifamily houses to justify. To revolutionize the way package delivery works in your community and bolster your bottom line, call Parcel Pending at (844) 312-9101.