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What’s New in Multifamily Design Trends

Today’s renters want a mix of luxury and convenience when it comes to their living spaces and communities. As such, multifamily design elements are becoming more personal and useful. Let’s take a look at some of this year’s top multifamily design trends as we approach the half-way mark for 2018:

  • Convenience is the name of the game for today’s renters. According to Multifamily Executive, one of the key multifamily design trends for 2018 is providing renters with convenient amenities like valet trash, package lockers and guest suites for overnight visitors. Similarly, Building Design & Construction suggests that residents in multifamily properties want the property managers to invest in amenities like refrigerated lockers for home grocery delivery and customer-centric package delivery and pick-up options. With online shopping booming, amenities like parcel lockers help multifamily developments stay relevant and boast a competitive upper-hand.
  • It’s all about personalization. The Huffington Post notes that residents crave customization in every area of their lives. That means units with options built in for flexibility, adaptability and personalization. Lobby spaces and common areas need to reflect this, with tables and chairs that are lightweight and easy to move into different configurations for enjoying drinks with friends, but with enough nooks for privacy so a resident could feel comfortable bringing a laptop for some solo time. Think about all the different ways each of the building’s community spaces or lobby will function at various times of day (and throughout different times of the year) and make the furnishings adaptable for all.
  • Get smart about smart tech. Residents of luxury apartments are increasingly wooed by features that allow them to control their own environment through “smart” technology that facilitates the integration of multiple devices. The advent of smart thermostats, integrated speaker systems and other gadgets that “learn” preferences and schedules allows residents to walk through their door into an environment already programmed with their preferred temperature, lighting and even playlist. Beyond just the marketability to prospective tenants, these features also help maximize efficiency for building owners and operators of multifamily housing.
  • Better living. The ultimate goal of any design project, according to the Huffington Post, is to create spaces that allow people to live better. Think about what kind of finish is on the wood you’re putting in the floors, or the glue behind the wallcovering in the community spaces, the fibers in the carpet and even the materials going into the property’s fitness center. Multi-family developers, property managers, and designers alike are being held more accountable than ever before. This adds a whole new layer to the process, one that calls on everyone to be more educated and conscientious to create environments that don’t compromise residents’ health.
  • Focus on connectivity. Renters want to connect with other renters! Consider adding places like fitness centers, outdoor spaces and pet washing stations to your design layout.
  • Location, location, location: Renters now more so than ever want easy access to transit, shops, parks or restaurants so keep this in mind when scouting your next location.
  • Bring on the bling. Renters want luxury. Multifamily properties should add small details to help give units more character and a high-end feel.

What are some housing trends that you’re noticing in the multifamily space? Comment below.

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