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Why Customer Service is all About Going Above and Beyond

Just last week, Arizona State University released their 2017 Customer Rage study and it revealed that businesses have put $313 billion in future sales at risk due to ineffective customer-service programs that leave a majority of consumers unsatisfied.
Key facts about customer service from the survey also showed that:

  • 56% of people reported customer problems in 2017
  • 40% of people reported feeling dissatisfied with the way their complaint was handled, as a result only 3% said they intend to buy again. However, if complainants were satisfied, 68% of them would re-purchase
  • 80% of complaining customers were not satisfied with how business responded to their problems
  • 87% of respondents indicated they “wanted to be treated with dignity” but only 37% reported that they received that treatment
  • 76% indicated they wanted their product or service fixed but only 29% reported that the issue was fixed

Clearly, customer service is a hot topic across all industries.

So, what is the key to solving the dilemma of customer rage? Providing customer service that goes above and beyond. And that’s exactly what we do at Parcel Pending. We’ve invested in our team of professionals and our corporate culture is all about solving problems. There is nothing we won’t do for our customers.

As service providers at heart, our customer service reps are committed to delivering 100% Always-On Customer service and operate “outside the box.” They’ve sent flowers to celebrate a birthday, a condolence card to a resident in mourning, tracked down a dress for a very special occasion and even followed up after to hear about the event. It’s no wonder that we’re recognized for having the best customer service in the industry hands-down.

We remove the chaos of package management by assuming all customer service responsibility for package delivery, notification and retrieval. We make life easier for everyone – property managers, residents and couriers alike. We have a dedicated customer success team that we interface with regularly to ensure package delivery is seamless.

These are just some of the ways we are answering the call to deliver the best customer service and guess what? It’s working! We just completed our best month of sales in October and anticipate continued growth throughout the remainder of the year and into next.

How do you go above and beyond in your customer service as a Property Manager? Comment below!