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Cost-effective Ways to Improve the Resident Experience

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 43 million Americans are renters. This figure is expected to increase as budget-conscious millennials and senior citizens on fixed incomes continue to rent.
That is why it is key for multifamily properties to invest in improving the resident experience. And, there are quick and easy ways to do so without burning through budget.
For starters, hire a property management team who truly cares about delivering quality service and a positive resident experience. Customer service will always reign king! According to MyTaskIt, hiring inexperienced employees may save you money upfront, but can hurt you down the line if your unprofessional staff push renters or homeowners to live elsewhere.
Secondly, value-add improvements, such as painting and installing new appliances and kitchen counters, are the most cost-effective ways to make multifamily properties more attractive to renters, according to Multi-housing News. Additionally, premium amenities, such as package lockers, pet-friendly features and on-site dry-cleaning services, can all be installed without high implementation costs and each of these help to make residents’ lives more convenient.
Finally, collect feedback from your tenants! Send out regular surveys to learn more about what you’re doing right and what needs to be improved. Then, act on the information you gather. MyTaskIt reports that negative comments aren’t just complaints; they are opportunities for you to resolve an issue and make a positive impression on a resident. Create a plan of action for responding to negative survey feedback to set your team up for quality service success.

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