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Boost Your Customer Loyalty & Bottom Line by Utilizing Parcel Lockers

Did you know that missed deliveries can negatively impact your customer loyalty and bottom line?
According to a study from Voxware, 69% of consumers are less likely or much less likely to shop with a retailer in the future if an item they purchased is not delivered within two days of the date promised. Moreover, 16% said that they will abandon shopping with a retailer altogether if they receive an incorrect delivery just one time, and 14% will do so if they receive a late delivery just one time.
There’s no denying that missed deliveries are frustrating and time-consuming for both consumers and retailers. In fact, research from PCA Predict found that failed and late deliveries pose a significant cost to more than 65% of businesses. How so?
Well, a consumer immediately forms a negative perception of a retail brand if their delivery is missed. These feelings then develop into complaints (impacting the time and resources of your customer services team), and negative reviews (losing repeat or referred business down the line). Last mile drama equates to significant costs for retailers. For example, missed deliveries increase labor costs due to rises in customer service calls and courier fines, canceled orders and negative reviews all chip away at the bottom line.
Additionally, PCA Predicts’s research found that more than half of all retailers refund delivery charges and pay additional costs for re-delivery, with a further 38% offering the customer a discount by way of apology. Moreover, a 2013 LexisNexis True Cost of Fraud Study, found that U.S. e-tailers on average lose 0.51% of their annual revenue to fraud and on average, 36% of this fraud is attributed to stolen and lost merchandise. Retailers typically take on the expense of having to replace these lost or stolen items along with the additional shipping costs.
Parcel Pending alleviates the commotion of order delivery management for retailers. With a Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) locker solution, consumers can pick up their online orders quickly and at their convenience. The self-service lockers free up valuable staff time, driving efficiency and allowing them to re-focus their time on what matters most- engaging customers with their brand.
The way Parcel Pending works is simple. When a customer places an order, a store associate quickly delivers the order into a secure Parcel Pending locker. Through our technology, the recipient is automatically notified by text and/or email with a passcode or QR CODE to use when retrieving their order at your store. It’s just that easy!
Did you know that missed deliveries could have a negative impact on your customer loyalty? Comment below.

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