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Top BOPIS Benefits

Buy online pick-up in store (BOPIS) solutions are booming in popularity among retailers nationwide. In fact, 91% of retailers will offer a BOPIS model within the next three years. As more and more retailers gear up to roll out their BOPIS model, we wanted to share some top BOPIS benefits:

  • BOPIS retail locker solutions enhance the customer experience by making it quick, easy and convenient for customers to retrieve their orders. Customers can be in and out of the store with their goods within just minutes compared to the outdated method of waiting 10-15 minutes for a store associate to locate and provide their order. Retail lockers like those offered by Parcel Pending provide a fast and easy way for retailers to pull an inventory audit report allowing staff to quickly identify existing orders pending customer pickup in the locker.
  • BOPIS locker solutions generate additional revenue for retailers in several key ways. First, they bring a customer back to the store and deliver a convenient and quick experience, customers are more likely to impulsively purchase additional items while at the store since their time is no longer wasted waiting in line. Second, they free up staff time so they can focus on building brand relationships/loyalty with in-store customers and driving in-store purchases. Finally, they help stale merchandise get back on store floors faster improving the potential for sales.
  • BOPIS locker solutions eliminate the outdated, time-consuming and unproductive method of retail staff having to run around searching for an online order among back of store inventory and working with the manager to release the order. Instead, an associate simply places an item inside the secure locker and the payment is completed online before the customer enters the store. The associate doesn’t have to partake in a scavenger hunt in the backroom when a customer comes in to pick up their order. Instead, they are able to focus on in-store customers, drive purchases, organize aisles and inventory, and tend to other important tasks.

Ideally, retailers should seek a BOPIS solution that boosts their staff’s productivity by minimizing unnecessary and time-consuming tasks and enhances their customers’ experience by providing a secure and convenient way for them to pick up their orders.
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