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Superconsumers Drive Additional Retail Purchasing and BOPIS Orders

BOPIS continues to make waves in the retail space. In fact, there’s a new term that all retailers should familiarize themselves with when it comes to BOPIS – Superconsumers.
Superconsumers are individuals (predominantly females in their mid-20s to late 40s with a high income who love to shop and who have been committed to the Click and Collect process for the last two years) who have used BOPIS retail lockers at least twice in the past 12 months. And, as it turns out, they’re revving up revenue for retailers.
According to a new study from OrderDynamics, more than half of Superconsumers (51%) have made additional in-store purchases when retrieving their online orders. Additionally, they shop online an estimated 45 times each year and spend an average of $40 more on additional unplanned purchases when in store for their BOPIS pick up.
But that’s not all. As an active participant in omni-channel retail, these Superconsumers also have very specific demands and expectations when it comes to their orders. In fact, the vast majority (78%) want to pick up their BOPIS orders within 24 hours and they want the pick up experience to be pleasant, fast and efficient.
To help provide a premium BOPIS experience for these Superconsumers, Parcel Pending offers Buy Online, Pick-up in Locker™ (BOPIL) solutions. BOPIL enhances the BOPIS customer experience by making it quick, easy and convenient for customers to retrieve their online orders/goods. With BOPIL, customers can be in and out of the store with their goods within just minutes.
The way our BOPIL solutions work is simple. Once an order is fulfilled, shoppers are instantly notified via text or email. These notifications contain a unique code that allows them to quickly access their order. Additionally, if the shopper decides to download Parcel Pending’s mobile application for a faster pickup process, their corresponding locker will open automatically as they approach our locker systems with their mobile device. For grocery retailers, we offer our click-and-collect lockers with a refrigerated option. Our refrigerated lockers cool to a temperature between 34 and 45 degrees and preserve food and beverage orders for pickup at any time.
As a retailer looking to stay ahead of the game, BOPIL can help to enhance your overall BOPIS process for not only Superconsumers but all customers.

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