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Parcel Pending Launches Industry-first Parcel Acceptance Security System at PCBC 2019


Visit Parcel Pending booth #158 to learn how PASS can help prevent porch piracy, increase home value & HOA revenue streams
IRVINE, CA—(May 29, 2019) – Parcel Pending, the world’s largest secure parcel locker provider with over 25 million packages safely and securely delivered, will launch its new Parcel Acceptance Security System (PASS) – the industry’s first electronic package locker designed specifically for single-family homes – at booth #158 at PCBC 2019.
“We’re in the business of solving package management problems and the reality is that porch piracy has become a major issue for homeowners. In fact, an average of 30 million packages are taken from doorsteps each year, and a staggering thirty percent of Americans have had a package stolen from their front porch,” explained Lori A. Torres, CEO of Parcel Pending. “Additionally, home package deliveries have increased 48 percent over the past two years due to the boom of online shopping. As this trend continues to increase, so too will the need for a solution to keep homeowners’ packages safe. That is why we are introducing PASS – a first-of-its-kind parcel security system that allows homebuilders to provide potential homebuyers with a convenient, secure and reliable way for them to receive their personal deliveries at home 24/7 – at PCBC 2019.”
The way PASS works is simple. When a package arrives, the courier places it into the locker and then the homeowner receives a text or email notification that their package has been delivered. Alternatively, they can also ask Alexa or Google Home if they have a package. The package remains safe and secure in the locker until they return home.
PASS not only benefits potential homebuyers but also homebuilders. PASS increases home value and generates lasting revenue for HOAs.
“Homebuilders from coast-to-coast love PASS because it provides a valuable solution for potential homebuyers,” continued Torres. “No one wants their packages stolen and now homebuilders can help homeowners secure their online shopping deliveries by offering our tech-forward, innovative locker solutions.”
Parcel Pending PASS Benefits:
• Secure in-home deliveries without opening the front door
• Create a steady revenue stream for HOAs
• Provide security and peace of mind to homeowners
• Instant notifications alert homeowners when packages arrive
• Built in 24/7 cloud based surveillance
• Weatherproof lockers protect packages from harsh wind, sun, rain and other natural elements
• Live 24/7, U.S.-based Customer Service for homeowners and couriers
• Lockers can be customized to complement exterior home aesthetics
Visit Parcel Pending at PCBC booth #158 to learn more about PASS or visit www.parcelpending.com.
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About Parcel Pending
Parcel Pending is the world’s largest secure parcel locker provider with over 25 million packages safely and securely delivered. Parcel Pending combines 100% Always-On Customer Service, electronic lockers and mobile applications to improve the customer experience, while reducing operating costs. Parcel Pending markets to homebuilders, multifamily communities, commercial office buildings, retailers and universities throughout North America and Canada. More information is available by calling 844-312-9101 or at www.parcelpending.com.