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10 Surprising Features of an Intelligent Parcel Locker System

There’s more to Parcel Pending’s intelligent parcel locker systems than meets the eye. Check out these 10 surprising benefits to installing electronic package locker delivery at a multifamily property:

No Space for a Package Locker System? No Problem 

Outdoor parcel delivery lockers are the ideal locker system for properties that lack adequate indoor space or a communal area with 24/7 resident access.

Residents Can Pick Up Their Packages at Their Convenience

Intelligent parcel locker systems are super convenient for residents and property managers. They’re accessible 24/7, and residents can pick up their package at any time. Be it late at night or during the early morning hours, they can conveniently and easily retrieve their packages. Residents no longer need to rush home to get their deliveries during their property’s office hours, and property managers no longer need to assist them when a package arrives.

Contact-Free Package Deliveries – From Convenience to Necessity

Parcel Pending’s locker design includes the development of features that also make it safer for residents to access their packages. Residents can scan a barcode or use our Bluetooth-enabled mobile app to open locker doors without having to use a touchscreen or keypad.

A Secure Locker System That is Customizable to Each Property 

Electronic commercial lockers can be customized to blend seamlessly with a property and do not require any additional structures. Whether your property theme is tropical oasis, desert vibe, or old Hollywood, Parcel Pending can work with you to create the perfect, secure locker that fits the look and feel of your property. Residents can pick up their packages with ease once their package arrives. 

Package Delivery with Video Surveillance

All deliveries and customer pick-ups are monitored, tracked, and verified by Parcel Pending’s built-in cameras and infrared scanners to guarantee safety and security. That means that delivery attempts are also monitored and verified. Cloud-based video surveillance is also an available option.

Electronic Lockers Keep Perishable Goods Fresh

Parcel Pending’s refrigerated lockers offer much-needed apartment solutions for residents that purchase temperature-sensitive items like flowers, pharmaceuticals, meal kits, and more. The refrigerated lockers are cooled between 35 to 44 degrees, keeping temperature-sensitive items fresh longer than standard dry ice or gel packs can. Residents can rest assured that their products will stay cool

Package Delivery Made Easy in Any Weather 

Our outdoor lockers are built to withstand all four seasons. Be it rain, snow, wind, or sun, Parcel Pending outdoor lockers protect packages from harsh outdoor elements. We use a special powder-coat on all of our outdoor lockers to give them the extra durability they need to tolerate whatever Mother Nature throws at us. As a result, precious packages are kept safe, secure,  and dry.

Customize Oversized Delivery Options

Oversized packages? No problem! If a package does not fit into a delivery locker, a customized message is displayed to the courier on the touchscreen letting them know to send the package to the leasing office, to a package room, or back to the carrier’s delivery hub. After the package has been delivered to one of these locations, a notification is sent to the package recipient, letting them know where to pick up their package.

Boost Staff Efficiency

It’s estimated that the staff who perform property management duties spend an estimated four hours each day facilitating deliveries for residents. This includes signing for, sorting, storing, and tracking deliveries, as well as managing logistics when residents come to pick up their packages. 

Smart parcel lockers are a straightforward solution to many of the problems front-office staff are facing when handling packages. Parcel lockers allow packages to be directly entered into the commercial lockers themselves, can automate the notification process, and allow for residents to retrieve packages without assistance from front office staff. This results in front-office staff having significantly more time to focus on their regular job duties, rather than serving as package carriers or a package management service. Additionally, you’ll have fewer conflicts with residents that are frustrated when a package isn’t where it is supposed to be.

Help Alleviate Street Traffic

A recent University of Washington study examined the effectiveness of smart parcel lockers in alleviating major traffic congestion in Seattle. According to the study, parcel lockers reduced delivery truck parking time by 78 percent when compared to traditional floor-to-floor, door-to-door delivery in Seattle.

Parcel lockers really are a game-changer when it comes to dealing with the daily overload of packages and deliveries in congested major U.S. cities. Not only do our lockers get online orders into the hands of customers faster, but they also provide a safe, secure, and convenient way for them to retrieve their packages. 

Our Intelligent Parcel Locker System

Many of our customers are surprised to learn about all of the unique features and capabilities of our smart locker solutions and how they can benefit their business. Parcel Pending’s electronic parcel lockers really are a smart choice for both residents and properties. Our intelligent parcel locker system provides safety & security, will save you money while making life easier and more convenient for everyone. Choose your locker solution today!

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