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Your Lockers Can Do What?

We’ve found that many of our multi-family customers are surprised to learn all that our apartment package lockers can do for their business. That’s why we’ve put together the below reminder of all the cool features and capabilities of Parcel Pending’s multi-family locker solutions for you.
 ·         Say Goodbye to the Headache of Returns.
About 30% of all online purchases are returned. Instead of wasting valuable staff time trying to manage outbound packages and returns for your residents, let our lockers do it for you! Residents simply need to place their returned packaged into one of our lockers and we take care of the rest. We also tout barcode scanning capabilities. Really, it’s that easy. You and your staff do not need to get involved, which means you can re-direct that energy to more important tasks like tending to prospective resident and maintenance calls.

  •  A New Mobile Application.

Featuring innovative Bluetooth technology, Parcel Pending’s new mobile application makes it easier and faster than ever for your residents to manage and retrieve their packages. With the mobile application, a resident’s smartphone securely communicates with our system and they can quickly and conveniently open their locker door by simply tapping a button on their app. They save valuable time by no longer having to search through their emails or text messages looking for their unique code. Your residents can also receive push notifications, view their package history and access their locker.

  • Enhanced Resident Search and Package Management:

The new Find Resident tool enables PMs and couriers to search all residents that have a Parcel Pending account on the system. This helps enable couriers to deliver packages to the correct resident. It also enables PMs to manage packages and open locker doors where each package is located.

  • Seamless Delivery of Oversized Packages:

If a package does not fit into a locker, the package room enables couriers to deliver multiple, oversized packages to a single room. Upon delivery, a customized message is displayed to the courier on the touchscreen letting them know to send the package to the hub, the office or inside a package room. After the package has been delivered to one of these locations, a notification is sent to the resident letting them know where to pick up their package.Through the authentication process on the locker touchscreen, users can access a room and retrieve their packages at any time and at their convenience.

  • Superior User-friendly System:

Our system features a screensaver that contains helpful hints on how to operate the lockers. Additionally, the screensaver can be branded to meet the aesthetic or marketing/notification needs of the property. What’s more is that our lockers provide integrated cameras verses add-on cameras.

  • Administrative Retrieval of Packages:

PMs have the ability to seamlessly help a resident retrieve their packages in a locker. The PM can also reset the notification to the resident with the correct location of their package.

Ready for Lockers at your Property?
 What were you surprised to learn that our lockers can do? Comment below.