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Why Smart Lockers are Becoming a Must Have for Enterprises

What happens after a package is dropped off at the reception of a business? After the last mile, is the Final 50 Feet, which is an industry term for the last segment of the supply chain. According to the Urban Freight Lab (UFL) at the University of Washington’s Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics Center, “it begins when a truck parks in a load/unload space, continues as drivers maneuver goods along sidewalks and into urban towers to make the final delivery, and ends where the customer takes receipt of the goods.”
From an Enterprise standpoint, the “last 50” is what happens after a package is dropped at reception, yet still needs to make it to the employee who ordered it. Thanks to the explosion of e-commerce and the rising issue of porch piracy, the amounts of packages people receive at their office is growing substantially, along with the unintended consequences. This has overwhelmed traditional last mile delivery service strategies.
While a variety of options are being tested, one of the most effective and straightforward storage solutions has proven to be the implementation of intelligent locker systems. Scalable, customizable electronic lockers systems provide both your on-site workers and office visitors alike a secure space of their own for convenience and efficiency. As mobile workers without a permanent workplace become more prominent, smart locker technology can provide a secure storage option for them and visitors.

Streamlines Last Mile Logistics Substantially

Smart Locker Systems preemptively and substantially reduce the amount of labor and time that is needed to deliver packages. According to a study, parcel delivery time has been reduced by 78% and failed delivery service has been reduced to 0.
With Smart Lockers, there is no need for a signature because only the package recipient has the code to access the locker. Additionally, implementing smart lockers has resulted in a decrease in complaints/calls regarding the mail center due to the streamlined process.

Smart Locker Systems Aid in Modern Office Management/Hoteling

The rise of the mobile workforce has made commonplace a half-empty office on any given day. Delivering packages to nomadic employees can prove to be difficult.
The trend of hoteling reduces office-related costs by eliminating assigned workspaces, but those workers need secure space to store items when there. Enter, smart lockers.
With intelligent lockers, everyone in your office – whether that is an employee from another site in for the day, or an overworked mail center struggling to track down employees who do not have an assigned workspace – can have a safe, easily accessible place to store their work and personal belongings, or pick up their mail/online orders, while easing the strain on your mail center personnel at the same time. Intelligent commercial parcel lockers in the office offer a logical, effective response to several difficult-to-adapt-to workplace trends – namely, increasing package supply volumes, and more mobile workers.