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Top Package Theft Deterrent Solutions

With e-commerce skyrocketing among American consumers, packages are being dropped on our doorstep more than ever before. And unfortunately, that means an unprecedented number of opportunities for porch pirates—thieves who swoop in and steal packages right from under your doorknob. In fact, recent surveys reveal that nearly 1/3 of US consumers have had a package lifted by a porch pirate. With this ever-growing problem, it’s clear that package theft prevention should be of utmost importance for property managers.

If you’re the property manager of a multifamily apartment and you don’t have a proper apartment package delivery system in place, the ideal solution is to instruct your tenants to have their packages delivered only at times when they’re home. But we all know that’s not feasible; package delivery times are as unpredictable as your tenants are busy. Thankfully, there are several other measures you can take to keep porch pirates away from your property. Read on for package theft deterrent tips that all your tenants should know.

Beef up Your Front Door Security

When porch pirates decide to bail on a burglary, it’s rarely because they had a change of heart. Oftentimes, it’s because there was deterrence and they noticed that the building they were targeting had a home security system in place.

Thus, you should consider fortifying the front porch security for each of your apartment units by installing:

  • A visible security camera with a wide-angle, infrared lens
  • An equally dynamic doorbell camera
  • Floodlights with built-in motion detection

Even if a porch pirate decides to challenge your security system and go through with the package plundering, you’ll have the whole thing captured on video. And when police have video evidence at their disposal, it improves their chances exponentially of tracking down the burglar. Not only does this property management tool deter burglars from stealing packages, but it provides extra security measures for your tenants’ safety.

Let The Delivery Driver Inside

Thanks to recent advancements in smart lock technology, e-commerce customers who don’t like the idea of their package sitting in front of their door unattended can have their delivery driver take the extra step into their homes.

Amazon Prime customers can download the Amazon Key mobile app on their smartphones, which lets them unlock their front doors remotely upon the delivery driver’s arrival.

That way, the package gets placed instantly in the safe confines of their home and out of sight for would-be package thieves.

Send Packages Elsewhere

A great way to prevent a burglar from stealing a package off of the porch in front of one of your apartment units is to ensure that the package isn’t delivered there. Nowadays, your tenants can make arrangements to have their packages delivered to more secure locations such as:

  • Your home, if you live on property grounds
  • The home of a neighbor or close friend
  • Their office
  • Their local FedEx. FedEx offers to hold packages for its customers at one of their 1,900+ locations nationwide. Additionally, FedEx has partnered with over 11,000 grocery and drug stores for customers who would like to pick up their packages and groceries in one fell swoop
  • The most secure option of all: an electronic, self-service locker from Parcel Pending, which you can have installed in your building’s lobby or any convenient spot on the premises

Wait, What Was That Last Option?

Parcel Pending’s Buy Online, Pickup in Locker (BOPIL) solution maximizes both security and convenience to give your tenants an unrivaled package pickup experience. This easy package theft solution will significantly benefit the customer service aspect of property management. Not to mention, it helps relieve the stress of you personally having to manage package deliveries, which saves you time and reduces operating costs.

Here’s how it works:

  • Initial Delivery – As soon as a package is delivered and placed in one of the locker’s secure units, a one-time numerical code is either emailed or texted to the customer. For even further convenience, customers can download the Parcel Pending mobile app on their smartphones to avoid having to sift through countless texts and emails to find tracking updates.
  • Total Lockdown – Parcel Pending BOPIL solutions are designed to be as tough as they are smart. Every locker is built with 18 gauge rolled steel construction and an industrial-grade indoor/outdoor screen, arming them with a virtually burglar-proof And each locker unit comes equipped with both an infrared scanner and motion-detecting security camera to track all deliveries and pickups on an individual basis.

Simply put, when a package is dropped off in a locker unit, it’s not leaving with anyone but the rightful owner.

  • Simple Pickup – Once the intended recipient is ready to retrieve their package, pickup entails scanning their one-time numerical code or pressing a locker activation number on the app to open the unit holding their package.

By offering your tenants a proper solution to this theft issue, you will be making them much happier tenants. As a result of happier tenants, you’ll be sure to see higher resident retention rates.

With e-commerce now accounting for nearly 15% of all retail sales, old school tactics like “I’ll have my neighbor swing by and pick it up” simply don’t cut it anymore. As a property manager in charge of a multifamily apartment building – and by extension, many front doorsteps – the only effective way to prevent burglars from stealing your tenants’ packages is to:

  • Inform your tenants about the above theft deterrent solutions, and
  • Provide them with the best solution in the form of a secure locker from Parcel Pending

Keeping these tips in mind will help transform the future of property management as well as package safety for your tenants. For true peace of mind, call Parcel Pending and inquire about their industry-leading BOPIL solutions today.