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Who is Responsible for a Lost Package or Stolen Package


Who is Responsible for Lost Packages at Work?

With online shopping on the rise, Career Builder reports that over 53% of employees nationwide make online purchases while on the job. And, most of them are opting to have their packages delivered to their office. This helps to avoid a number of potential issues, including: porch pirates, damaged items and package theft, missing a delivery and having to reschedule and more.
The good news is that many progressive corporate campuses allow employees to send their personal packages to their workplace. The bad news is that these corporate mailrooms are now dealing with an influx of packages and major liabilities.
The truth is that the U.S. Postal Service will deliver mail if it is to the organization itself, an individual (by name or title) at the address of the organization or a former employee. This includes mail endorsed “personal” or “confidential” for a specific individual. Furthermore, the courier’s responsibility for the shipment ends when it is delivered to the organization. Afterwards, the item is literally in the property’s hands.
This means that tenants/employees can hold their work’s mailroom staff accountable for signature confirmation and accepting their packages. Even if the policy states that the mailroom is not liable, this can lead to disgruntled employees and tenants when a package is lost or stolen.
That’s why many corporate campuses and office buildings are turning to parcel lockers. With parcel lockers, all customer service responsibilities for package delivery, notification and retrieval are covered so that corporate campuses and commercial mailrooms are relieved of all responsibilities and liabilities in case something is stolen.
Our parcel lockers service simplifies the package delivery process and saves time and administrative costs for companies. Commercial parcel lockers also provide convenience, security and confidence for the buyer and employees. Investing in parcel lockers to help manage employee or tenant packages is a small price to pay for better office staff efficiency, transparency, productivity and the happiness of recipients.
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