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Ultra smart search bars and one-click ordering make online shopping and delivery easier and more attractive than ever. But the nuisances of delivery that have long bothered consumers still exist, at least in residential communities that have yet to implement an electronic package management solution. Let’s take a look at how a package management solution like Parcel Pending gives peace of mind to tenants receiving packages and apartment staff alike.
Consumer Satisfaction
Consumers spanning a broad demographic range love the convenience of ordering packages online and knowing that they’ll arrive in a timely manner. What consumers don’t love about the process is the likelihood of their packages arriving when they’re not at home to receive them. Depending on one’s living situation, a recipient has to worry about packages left at their doorstep being taken or missing out on the limited time window in which packages can be retrieved from a front desk. Parcel Pending puts these fears to rest and rounds out the convenience factor for the entire online ordering-and-delivery process with its electronic package management systems for apartments.
When a package is delivered, the recipient is notified immediately. This notification lets the recipient know that his or her package is securely stored in a locker. The locker can be accessed only with the unique code issued to the package recipient and is accessible 24/7 so the package can be retrieved at the recipient’s convenience.
Front Desk Calm
It is the job of a leasing staff to attend to residents’ concerns and help them meet their needs. Package handling is one of those tasks that counts as a resident need but can really hinder a staff member’s ability to help residents with day-to-day problems. And since the volume of packages, the timing of their arrival, and time at which residents show up at the office to receive them varies greatly and is largely unpredictable, a barrage of packages can make a busy day extremely stressful.

Front desk staff and residents tend to feed off one another’s stress and misery. The more stressed your staff is, the more likely residents are to be displeased. It’s a vicious cycle that can be averted with the help of a Parcel Pending electronic package management solution.

As an apartment manager, resident satisfaction and tranquility at the front desk should both contribute to your peace of mind. Package management solutions like Parcel Pending are increasingly viewed by residents and apartment hunters as invaluable amenities. Make the switch before the rest of the pack follows so you can benefit from the first-mover advantage.

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