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Parcel Pending Continues to Push Technology Advances

We’re committed to offering the most technologically advanced parcel lockers. In fact, just last month, we announced some cool new features for our lockers like the Find Resident tool and customized delivery options for oversize packages. And now we’re proud to announce a handful of fresh features that will further simplify and expedite the package management process for both Property Managers (PMs), couriers and residents.
Available now, these new features include:

  • Parlez-vous parcel?:

We live in a diverse world, which is why our new lockers now support multiple languages, including English, Spanish and French. Users can select their preferred language by tapping the globe icon located on the screen. Additionally, properties can select their desired default language. This makes the overall process run more seamlessly.

  • Optimal freshness of perishable items:

No one wants wilted roses or rotten produce. That’s why couriers now have the option to mark a parcel as perishable. In doing so, package recipients get a daily reminder that they have a perishable package. Additionally, the leasing office is notified of the perishable package (after a specified and pre-determined number of days). This helps to keep food and other perishable items from spoiling inside the locker.

  • No pick-up code, no problem:

Residents are now able to pick up packages from our lockers by entering their phone number and their private PIN. This means they no longer need to have access to their pick-up codes. If the resident doesn’t know their PIN, they are given an option to have it sent to their phone. This makes it even more convenient for residents to access their packages.

  • One-stop shop for pick-ups and returns:

Say goodbye to going to your local post office or Fed-ex to return a package. Residents now have the option to perform outbound deliveries (e.g. returning online purchases) from our lockers. All they have to do is print a shipping label, attach it to their parcel, go to one of our lockers, select outbound delivery and choose their courier. Then, the next time the courier makes a delivery, they can pick-up the outbound packages.

  • No lonely packages:

Each property can now choose the maximum number of days an unclaimed parcel is allowed to sit in a locker. After that number of days has passed, the courier is prompted to retrieve the package from the locker and return it to the sender.
We can’t wait for you to try out these amazing new features. Stay tuned for further updates as our developers are always feverishly at work creating new technology that helps to make your lives easier!
Which new feature will you try first? Comment below.

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