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The Parcel Pending Package Management Advantage

Indeed, a vast number of packages from myriad suppliers are delivered to Parcel Pending’s electronic lockers every day, and we work with all the major couriers. There are, however, some inherent competitive advantages we firmly possess compared to our larger competition:

  1. Our full range of package management solutions: Parcel Pending is the only provider that offers a full range of package management solutions, including indoor, outdoor and the industry’s first refrigerated parcel lockers. The latter has generated a lot of buzz in the market, as they are a direct result from the feedback we received from property managers. They are a natural delivery solution for perishable goods (such as medications or flowers), heat-sensitive items that can melt (such as cosmetics), and, especially, groceries, wines and instant “meal kits.” These lockers are cooled between 35-44 degrees Fahrenheit and are ideal for the burgeoning food and beverage delivery trend – and they are not offered by any other company other than Parcel Pending.
  2. Our high-end market position: Our advanced parcel lockers are a natural fit for communities dedicated to satisfying their residents’ exclusive needs and tastes. Our lockers can be found in every style of multifamily communities from garden-style to high rise. They are also found in retail, office building and universities. In addition, our mobile app technology makes receiving packages any time of the day fast and easy, while enabling the highest levels of convenience and customer satisfaction.
  3. Our customer support: We have always touted of our U.S.-based, Always-On Customer Service®. This service does not stop at only listening to customer concerns and letting them know where to go for help; rather, we hand-hold each individual until their unique concern is resolved. We call couriers to track missing packages, we provide delivery codes and, when necessary, we remotely open lockers. We do everything we can without involving the multifamily property office staff, thereby offering a benefit to everyone.
  4. Our Technology: Parcel Pending has created its technology from the ground up. We built our package management solutions from feedback we receive from our properties. And because we control the code, we can immediately address our customers’ needs. As an example, we have strategic relationships with Entrata, Yardi, MRI and other property management software leaders. This allows us to streamline the registration process and provide actionable reports to office staff.
  5. Our deep experience: Parcel Pending has been a pioneer and innovator in the parcel locker space since our company’s founding, accepting packages from a wide array of shippers. We’ve learned the best ways to serve our customers’ needs along the way, and know what works best (and what doesn’t) to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Other companies will surely make some missteps in their growth into this market – some of which we may have already solved long ago.
  6. Our range of locations: While some larger companies are just scratching the surface of the multi-family market, we have been serving such communities, as well as commercial buildings, universities, and retailers throughout North America, for years.
  7. Win-win property owner relationships: We have received feedback from our customers that our customer support ranks within the top percentile of satisfaction. This stems throughout our entire organization from the pre-sales process, contract negotiation (including flexible payment terms), installation and product support.
  8. Personal touch: Parcel Pending is proud of the superior customer service we provide our clients, and the various kudos we have received over the years from property managers and residents alike. We routinely receive particular praise for helping to track down and locate lost or courier-misplaced irreplaceable items, such as custom jewelry, old photos or other precious family heirlooms. Other companies cannot match the superior customer service we offer.

Bigger companies’ entry into the parcel locker space will inevitably provide more attention and interest in package management solutions – and raise the proverbial tide that will lift the boats of all providers in the space. We feel confident in our abilities to provide unique, quality package management solutions that will continue to be valued by our customers.

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