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Parcel Lockers Are New Must-Have Corporate Amenity

Would you like a yoga session, a cappuccino and some foosball during your work day?
Gone are the corporate days of isolating cubicles, headache-inducing fluorescent lights and dry pretzels in the snack room. Over the last few years, the office landscape has morphed into a resort-like setting.
Case in point, Survey Monkey’s newest digs, a three-story office that comes equipped with an on-site gym and yoga studio, gourmet cafeteria, open-concept seating and a communal library.
Corporations like Survey Monkey are creating these types of live, work and play offices to help boost employee retention, motivation and productivity. According to Meghan M. Biro, founder and CEO of TalentCulture, unique office perks and benefits like juice bars, game rooms, childcare and fitness centers make employees “feel appreciated and cared for, which leads to increased loyalty and a willing to go the extra mile.”
One of the latest must-have corporate amenities are parcel lockers. With the increase in online shopping, and concerns associated with porch pirates and package theft, it’s becoming more common for employees to ship their packages directly to their workplace.
As a result, companies like Goodman Real Estate are providing parcel lockers for their employees. They understand that online purchases are extremely common and want to make it convenient for them to manage their packages while at work. Parcel lockers make it safe, secure, fast and easy for employees to retrieve their packages while at work.
In addition to employees, parcel lockers also benefit employers as many lack adequate space and time needed to properly manage the influx of employee deliveries. This often results in disorganized and cluttered mail rooms. Parcel lockers simplify the package delivery process and save time and administrative costs for companies.
Commercial parcel lockers take care of logging, retrieving, and distributing packages quickly and effectively with little to no involvement from office staff.  With Parcel Pending’s commercial solutions, couriers and staff can securely deliver packages to our parcel boxes. Documents can also be effectively and securely inter-mailed to colleagues and supervisors. Recipients are instantly notified when they have a delivery by text or email. Once received, the recipient can pick up the package using the unique combination provided in the notification, or by using our intelligent mobile app. Staff do not need to sign for packages, sort them, or distribute them to recipients—our commercial lockers handle it all.

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