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Parcel Pending CEO Speaks at Chapman University

Parcel Pending’s CEO, Lori A. Torres, delivered an empowering lecture last week to a classroom filled with MBA students at Chapman University, a private, non-profit university located in Orange, California.
During her talk, Lori discussed key learnings from her experience launching and building Parcel Pending into a leading package management solution company.
To begin, Lori noted that the first step towards starting a business is to write a detailed business plan outlining thoughtful business goals and objectives and revenue projections. “You need a roadmap for not only yourself as a business owner and entrepreneur but also for your staff because everyone needs a clear direction,” Torres explained. Lori also highlighted how it is vital to have systems, processes, data and resources in place to ensure the long-term success of a business.
She also emphasized the importance of over-communicating when it comes to project management stating that “open, honest, direct and clear communication is key. We went from a staff of one – me – to 127 employees today and we did that successfully by leveraging intentional and focused communication.”
Lori concluded her talk by discussing her commitment to making Parcel Pending a collaborative, fun and positive work environment and emphasizing the importance of rewarding the daily accomplishments of a team with pride and gratitude. “You have to empower your staff and recognize that the success of your company really starts with the people you hire.”
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