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5 Innovative Office Storage Ideas

Updated Jan 24, 2024

Getting employees back into the office post-pandemic has been challenging for most businesses. Along with the great resignation, return to office (RTO) is another term we’re hearing as we move to a new kind of work-life balance. As employees slowly make their way back, businesses are looking for new and innovative ways to entice their teams to spend more time at their desks in the corporate office rather than at their home office.

Innovative solutions to encourage staff back aren’t necessarily about downsizing office space or creating more floor space, but instead changing the way that office space works and turning it into a collaborative environment – a space for connecting with colleagues and new ideas.1 Intelligent office storage ideas are part of the solution and something companies should consider when implementing their office space “rethink”.

1. Storage for personal belongings in a hybrid workspace

Providing a storage space or solution for personal belongings reduces clutter in the office environment. The right storage option can keep bulky items out of the way, allowing for better office organization, ease of movement, and tidier workspaces. This storage idea is particularly significant in ‘hot desking’, the idea of using shared desk space in the office, becoming more popular in the move to hybrid work environments. Some great office storage ideas to help organize personal belongings include:

  • Provide coat hooks or dedicated closets for employees to hang coats and jackets.
  • Design for areas where employees can change out of winter boots – for those of us dealing with snowy conditions ­– into something more comfortable and suitable for the office.
  • Offer secure storage areas where staff can keep bulky items such as gym bags out of the way while working.

2. Keep office supplies well stocked and the workspace dynamic

In the world of the hybrid office, people want a dynamic workspace and digital technology that integrates seamlessly with their work, giving them mobility and choice. The ability of staff to modify the work environment while still accessing office essentials can go a long way to personalizing the experience of being at the office.2 Here are some storage options to consider for better office organization:

  • Furniture that can do double duty, such as desks that convert from sitting to standing.
  • Rolling filing cabinets, desk organizers, and storage space (with at least one desk storage drawer) so employees can easily move equipment and office essentials where needed.
  • Dedicated phone booths allow staff privacy when dealing with sensitive work-related issues.
  • Centralized supply management for office supplies for easier tracking of requests and orders.
  • Smart technology for vending machines and coffee bars ensures staff don’t run out of pre-packaged food and drinks.
  • Floating shelves can serve as great decor and a wall storage idea using vertical space around the office.
  • Innovative office desk drawer organizers featuring built-in charging stations for easy access to power for devices; multi-functional office desk drawer organizers with customizable compartments for a more organized and efficient workspace.
  • Compact desk storage drawers that seamlessly integrate into moveable workstations, maximizing space efficiency and flexibility.
  • Sleek desk organizers designed to keep stationery, documents, and electronic devices neatly arranged.

3. Reducing mailroom chaos

In a hybrid office environment, it’s not always easy to manage incoming mail and deliveries and ensure they get to the right person.3 Even using a filing cabinet to keep mail and paperwork organized can sometimes take up too much space. With shifting schedules, hot-desking, and working remotely from the home office, a smart electronic locker delivers an office storage solution that keeps mail, packages, and other small items secure until employees can collect them. They also help eliminate disorganized mailrooms and lost packages and ensure every package is delivered safely and securely.

4. Securing valuable office assets and information

Outside the mail room, a smart parcel locker can serve some storage cabinet and asset exchange needs that improve the quality of life for staff in the new hybrid office environment.

Smart commercial lockers allow staff to secure the distribution of valuable information and expensive equipment, such as laptops or hard drives, in an open-concept hybrid office design. They also help businesses keep these valuable assets safe as they change hands between team members.

Integrated smart locker solutions help facilitate secure inter-office deliveries and leverage existing asset tracking systems (like Quadient’s WTS) to ensure a full chain of custody for each item placed into the locker system.

5. Using Campus Hub™ to develop new and innovative office storage solutions

As the 9-to-5, Monday-to-Friday job is replaced by the flexible work week, finding innovative ways of making the office experience more convenient, comfortable, and efficient can go a long way to encouraging staff to spend more days in their working week in the flexible office space, rather than at the desk in the home office.

Providing secure office storage and ingenious storage cabinet solutions for hot desking and hybrid workers will be critical as companies look for strategies to encourage their staff to return to in-office work. Finding cost-effective and innovative ways to encourage a positive and efficient work environment that suits the needs of employees and staff seeking a more flexible approach to how they do their work will be key to RTO as we move ahead.

The Campus Hub by Parcel Pending can help business leaders with solutions that suit the changing needs of employees, clients, and customers. Our electronic locker technology enables innovative possibilities designed for the new working method.

To learn more about how our locker solutions can support secure storage for your employees, contact a Parcel Pending representative today.



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