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How Parcel Pending’s Subscription Pricing Helps Solve Package Management Problems

Virtually every property now receives more packages than they did prior to 2020. In a recent C+R Research survey, 90% of respondents said that they receive packages at least once per month; of those, nearly 60% receive packages weekly or daily1.

This means multifamily communities are facing a significant challenge: how to meet residents’ needs for safe, secure, and convenient package access while also meeting their own needs and staying within budget parameters. It doesn’t help that handling packages has a hidden cost – multiple hours of staff time spent managing packages, which can sometimes require a part-time or full-time headcount. In addition, those package processing hours take time away from other more business-centric property management tasks.

To ensure any property in need of a package management solution is able to get the help they need, Parcel Pending by Quadient offers several pricing options including purchase, financing, and now, our Parcel PLUS Subscription Plan.

What is the Parcel PLUS Subscription Plan and How Does it Work?

Our Parcel PLUS subscription plan allows properties to lease our locker solutions by paying one low, all-inclusive fee for a 60 month term – with no up-front cost. This predictable monthly fee covers all expenses related to the lockers, including maintenance, service, and shipping fees.

In addition to a manageable cost and set payment term, Parcel PLUS also provides a number of important benefits for multifamily communities:

The Benefits of Choosing Parcel PLUS

1.   Get lockers now, when they’re needed

Finding and getting approval for the budget to purchase an amenity like lockers can be time-consuming. Parcel PLUS allows communities to get lockers now, when they’re needed – no up-front capital required and no waiting until budget is accumulated to purchase.

2.   Add a “must-have” amenity at a reasonable, predictable rate

Parcel PLUS’ convenient subscription payment model allows properties of all types and sizes to add smart lockers to their amenity list. In fact, many of our multifamily clients report that senior property management or homeowners’ association (HOA) boards are more willing to approve a fixed monthly fee for a new amenity.

3.   Increase your property’s value and NOI

Parcel PLUS’ pricing model is based on a per-unit cost, making it easy to share the cost of the amenity with residents or to charge an additional fee and realize an incremental revenue stream for your property. After the first 60 months, the per unit fee is greatly reduced; this can increase NOI opportunities for for properties who choose to take advantage of our resident bill back option.

4.   Ensure coverage for all locker-related expenses

Did we mention there are no add-on fees? You pay one monthly all-up, all-in amount and get coverage for all locker-related expenses, including shipping fees and ongoing maintenance and service fees. And if you extend your locker plan beyond the initial 5-year term, the per-unit fee is reduced by nearly half. Not often that you see a rate reduction at the renewal of a term!

Ready to lock in a package management solution for your property? Contact a Parcel Pending representative today and ask about our Parcel PLUS Subscription Plan.


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