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Customer Spotlight: Acacia Capital Embraces Parcel Pending

We’re honored when our multifamily customers share their great results with us.
Most recently, we heard from Acacia Capital, a real estate investment firm based in San Mateo, Calif. Throughout its 32-year history, Acacia has invested in nearly 30,000 apartment units across major markets in the Western U.S.
Like most major players in the real estate space, Acacia Capital recognized that the boom in online shopping was resulting in a major increase in the number of packages its residents received. The company decided to take a closer look at its package management process, and ultimately turned to Parcel Pending in late 2016 to help solve its package management issues.
To date, Acacia Capital residents and property managers have been extremely pleased with Parcel Pending’s lockers. In fact, George P. Dobbel Jr., senior vice president asset management at Acacia Capital, summarizes it best in his statement:
“I think it’s safe to say that nearly 100 percent of our residents are very satisfied with the Parcel Pending lockers because they offer convenience and security. Residents no longer have to rush home or adjust their personal schedules around our office hours just to pick up their packages. They can now retrieve their packages at their leisure. This is clearly the case as an average of 94% of our residents pick up their packages during non-business hours. What’s more, is that now our property management team can stop wasting precious time on managing packages and get down to the nitty gritty of offering the best customer service.”

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