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7 Community Newsletter Ideas That Residents Will Appreciate and Enjoy

As the population of apartment residents has grown, so have their expectations for fun and dynamic living experiences. A multifamily community newsletter is not only a way for apartment property management to share important administrative information (such as policy reminders, parking rules, and landscape changes), but it’s also a great tool that residents can use to share an array of useful and fun ideas to bring neighbors together and to share community information, upcoming events, and holiday celebrations.

Here are 7 fun ideas for your multifamily community newsletter that your residents will appreciate and enjoy.

1. Important News First

  • Top section – It may seem obvious, but many of us forget that the top section of any newsletter will get the most views, so it’s important to use this section to cover relevant information that will be important to residents, such as key property updates, community safety tips, community events, or promotions.
  • Top banner – Like the banner ads on webpages or newspapers, the top banner catches the eye at a quick glance. Use this area for quick reminders and information that will be relevant to all readers, such as “be sure to check your smoke detector batteries this week” or “major repairs this week will limit access to parking.”

2. Local Events and Community Service Opportunities

  • Local and community events – A newsletter is a great place to let residents know about special events going on in the community, such as farmer markets or holiday celebrations, and fireworks. It’s an opportunity for residents to explore the neighborhood and share new experiences with people in their area, not just in their building.
  • Community service – Highlighting community service and volunteer opportunities at a local school, food bank, blood drive, or voter registration initiative is a great way to promote and support local causes and encourage residents to help out in their community

3. Discounts and Promotions

  • Local restaurants and businesses – Using your newsletter content to offer discounts to readers is a win-win for local business owners and community members. Partnering with a local restaurant or business brings residents to stores, restaurants, and nearby services, increasing foot traffic and sales. And it’s a great way to help recently opened restaurants and businesses to establish a clientele.

4. Contests & Prize Announcements

  • Decoration contests and riddles – Fun and wacky riddles, colorful window or apartment decoration contests (not just at Halloween or Christmas!), and scavenger hunts can all be advertised through community newsletters. These will bring residents together, particularly if there are families with young children in the building.
  • Prizes – If there are smart lockers at your property, they can be used alongside your newsletter to help announce and distribute prizes. A great example is at Almaville Farms at Seven Oaks, a community in Smyrna, Tennessee. Community management delivered prizes to residents using Parcel Pending smart lockers to encourage registration and officially launch the lockers as an amenity on their property.

5. Celebrating Holidays, Seasons, etc.

  • Seasonal themes – Use the changing seasons to guide some (or all) of your newsletter content with specific content and graphics to suit the time of year.
  • Summer – Use these months to talk about air conditioning best practices, the use of common areas for BBQs or outdoor get-togethers, and pool rules.
  • Winter – Remind residents to be mindful of flooding, snow, or other harsh elements, as well as snow-clearing schedules. A winter newsletter might also include oven usage and holiday decoration safety tips, as well as best practices on using balcony or patio space when it starts getting cold outside.

6. Book Club (or Other Resident Engagement Groups)

  • Book club – Use the newsletter to promote a virtual book club or other type of engagement group, like a jogging group. It’s an excellent way to encourage activities amongst residents and foster a sense of community.
  • Discussion dates – Use your newsletter content to communicate topics and dates for monthly discussions or encourage residents to schedule their own community discussion meetings.

7. Brainstorm With Your Residents

  • Reach out – Ask residents what they want to hear about and what they would like to see included in the newsletter. Encourage readers to vote on the ideas they like best.
  • Resident stories – Consider asking residents to share interesting stories, such as insights into places they have visited, or create a regular ‘furry friend’ spotlight that profiles pets in the building.

Why Use a Community Newsletter?

Consistent communication and responsiveness rank among the top reasons residents renew their leases. With 82% of renters indicating that they plan to move in the next year, management companies that don’t deliver outstanding resident experiences will lose more renters and assume greater financial risks, in addition to incurring the costs to turn over the apartment and find a new resident.1

For property managers and residents, newsletters facilitate regular exchanges with neighbors, boost community involvement, and revitalize the living experience. This can lead to improved community engagement, better resident retention, and decreased vacancies. These are positive outcomes for the property manager as well as the members of the multifamily community who live there.

To find out more about how our smart locker solutions can help you create a SPECIAL community experience for your residents, contact a Parcel Pending representative today using the form below.



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