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5 Ways Parcel Lockers Can Help Distributors

Between fulfilling online orders and accepting returns, today’s retailers need to be able to manage a wider product range than ever before. Parcel Pending by Quadient’s Oversize Lockers are purpose-built for distributors and retailers who want to provide more to their customers by offering an automated, convenient fulfillment option for extra-large and oversized goods.

Here are a few ways our industry-leading technology can help you realize more store efficiency, more revenue, and a more streamlined pick-up and return experience for your customers.

Fulfilling Large Orders

Designed with distributors in mind, our Oversize Lockers are purpose-built as an automated and convenient fulfillment option for extra-large and oversize goods. Our oversized solution fits up to 90% of in-store products – from sheetrock and large building materials to tools and gardening equipment.

24/7/365 Order Pick-Up

Customers expect ease and convenience when picking up and returning merchandise. Tradespeople are no exception because every minute spent shopping for materials puts a drag on their productivity and cuts into their bottom line.

Parcel Pending’s Oversize Lockers can be installed or integrated into existing indoor and outdoor locker solutions, allowing customers to pick up their orders both during regular business hours and after hours. This is a great service to have available, particularly if your store serves customers on tight schedules to complete projects. Pickups can even include items that were unavailable when first ordered but are now back in stock.


In addition to order pick-ups, customers can return items via the lockers, without ever having to speak to an employee. This allows distributors to eliminate lengthy queues in-store and get inventory back on shelves faster. Our lockers can also be used for equipment rentals and returns.

New Hire Onboarding

There are even applications for lockers beyond supporting BOPIS and returns. For instance, lockers can be used to give new hires access to work-related items such as tools and onboarding documentation. This allows new hires to conveniently access needed items more securely than standard mail.

Job Site Deliveries

Distributors can provide additional convenience and accessibility by using lockers as a 24/7 will call drop box at customers’ job sites. This ensures that, if no one is available to collect a delivery, the item(s) will be stored securely and be accessible at the site crew’s convenience.

Oversize Lockers from Parcel Pending by Quadient

Parcel Pending by Quadient is the first in the industry to develop a smart solution that not only accommodates oversize goods but fully integrates with our existing locker solutions. Our Oversize Lockers allow distributors to realize greater store efficiency, more revenue, and a more streamlined pick-up and return experience for their customers.

With a variety of indoor/outdoor lockers to meet your fulfillment needs, including a one-door (OS-1) and a three-door oversize solution (OS-3), our Buy Online, Pick-Up in Locker (BOPIL®) technology can help you build a consistently superior omnichannel buying experience for your customers.

Parcel Pending’s Oversize Lockers allow you to customize your solution to meet store needs and match branding or location aesthetics while providing the best parcel management solution on the market.

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