Our Drop Box Lockers are now available to carriers and retailers worldwide

A SPECIAL. DELIVERY. for you and your residents.

For your residents, getting a package is exciting and special.

Whether it’s an essential item or a gift from a loved one, providing a secure and convenient package management solution is one of the most important services you can provide.

An amenity your residents can access and enjoy 24/7


Resident package access on their schedule, plus US-based, 24/7 customer service.


Custom colors or designs to match property aesthetics or branding.


Multiple configurations to match your needs with sizes that fit most packages.


Includes photo capture and optional cloud-based video surveillance.


Flexible API allows seamless integration with your property management software system


ADA Compliant.

mobile phone

We promise to DELIVER the most trusted package delivery experience

Parcel Pending believes that every resident and every community is special – and we help ensure that every package is delivered with this in mind. This is special. Special Delivery.


“What I love most about Parcel Pending is that I get a notification whenever I get my packages. I know where my delivery is and when I can go get it. And I can just easily go over to the lockers at my complex and access it. For me, Parcel Pending is efficient, timely, and reliable.”

Martina Resident in Costa Mesa, CA